Transforming Billions of Lives

Reflecting on Our Contribution So Far

Dakin Sloss
Sep 14, 2020 · 3 min read

When we founded Prime Movers Lab two years ago, people thought we were crazy to declare our mission to transform billions of lives. Most ambitious and worthwhile missions sound insane to start. Looking back on the past 24 months, it’s extraordinary how far we have already progressed in fulfilling this objective in such a short time and we can’t wait for the unbelievable contributions our current and future portfolio companies will make to the world over the coming decades. Thank you to the amazing LPs, team, advisors and founders that have made so much possible so quickly. Here is a look at the incredible impact our collective effort is already having and a reminder of why each little detail matters so much in our day to day — because our shared mission is creating a dramatically better future for humankind.

Momentus is literally reshaping the boundaries of humankind by enabling a revolution in space transportation. This impact will only continue to accelerate as Momentus empowers a new generation of space entrepreneurs to extend the final frontier opening up unprecedented opportunities such as data centers, mining, manufacturing, and energy production in space.

Covaxx has the most promising coronavirus vaccine based on preclinical data that shows two orders of magnitude better results for neutralizing antibody production than any other alternative. Next year, the company will deliver 500mm-1B doses to end the pandemic and help our civilization return stronger than ever.

Heliogen’s industrial solar heat breakthroughs are enabling cheaper energy production than natural gas for clients around the world. Their technology will herald a radical reshaping of the energy landscape because it will allow oil and gas producing nations to make more money using solar to produce hydrogen fuel than to continue extracting hydrocarbons.

Upward Farms is already serving the NYC area with healthy, fresh, local greens from aquaponic farming cheaper than field production and will soon be scaling to deliver product across the country and world — fundamentally redefining our food supply and ensuring everyone has access to the nutrients we need to thrive.

We could go on and on — reducing manufacturing costs for semiconductor wafer production by double digit percentages, eliminating the unacceptably high death rate for ag pilots with electric autonomous airplanes for crop dusting, curing aging, connecting the next billion people to high speed internet, and extracting carbon dioxide from the air cheaper than anyone else. All of these founders have dedicated themselves to serving something far beyond themself and they are succeeding at an unprecedented pace in creating a better future for all of us.

It is an honor to be able to work with such visionary founders, investors and partners to make the world a better place. We can’t wait to see what the next two years bring!

Prime Movers Lab invests in breakthrough scientific startups founded by Prime Movers, the inventors who transform billions of lives. We invest in seed-stage companies reinventing energy, transportation, infrastructure, manufacturing, human augmentation and computing.

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