Disrupting Recruitment Industry through Decentralized Hiring!

Blockchain Technology has disrupted industries across the spectrum from Supply Chain to Healthcare. However, the major impact would be in Fintech & Human Resources. We have seen the rise and the of Bitcoin and the subsequent ecosystem of the cryptocurrencies had on the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI). Now it is time for us to implement blockchain in the Recruiting and Staffing Industry.

As a cross-industry disruptor, human resource i.e. staffing & recruitment is lagging in the adoption of Blockchain Technology. As history suggests, market leaders cannot pursue disruptive technologies and require startups like Prime Talent Chain to disrupt the industry. At the Prime Talent Chain, we aim to breed technologies such as Blockchain, AI and Big Data to be the innovators for the development of emerging markets.

We intend to use Blockchain Technology in four key areas :

  1. Vetting & Onboarding

Vetting aka background checks is one of the most time-consuming tasks. Credentials of potential candidates can be lost, faked or even stolen. This leaves the complete recruiting ecosystem to fraud. At Prime Talent Chain, we intend to use Blockchain to secure and pre-validate credentials while making the information of the candidate tamper-proof.

2. Privacy, Security & Fairness

The current ecosystem consists of the public display of candidate private details such as name, photo, current employment, and educational background. This makes the data accessible to hackers. We want to ensure that the employers can access only the details relevant to their requirements.

3. Increased Pool of Talent

The online pool of talent is evergreen with new job seekers entering every minute. Employers still use the traditional means of tapping talent with a small pool of universities or hiring people away from rivals. As mentioned above, vetting becomes a challenge, thereby, we intend to use Artificial Intelligence to broaden our search for new talents and diversify workforces across the globe. We intend to create pools of talent in our Skill Communities such as a Blockchain Skill Community, SAP HANA Skill Community etc. to create a niche marketplace for job seekers and employers.

Prime Talent Chain intends to disrupt the recruiting and the headhunting industry. We want to adopt the AI and Blockchain technology to become more powerful than the existing job sites and networking platforms. The increase in privacy, security, and selectivity will help accelerate towards a more fluid workforce.

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