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Aqualis Seed Launch on Prime Launch


Aqualis is a DeFi protocol with a suite of features that aims to maximize efficiency through a unique asset multi-utilization algorithm.

The seed launch that took place on Prime Launch started on the 15th of November 10:00am GMT and ended on the 21st of November 10am GMT — lasting a total of 6 days with a total raise of 18,205.79 USD by the allowlisted participants.

We asked Aqualis their reason to use Prime Launch…

“The Prime Launch platform, their team, and tools developed by PrimeDAO have allowed our team to effectively launch the AqualisDAO project token.

The Prime Launch support team and platform have provided Aqualis with a ready-to-go decentralized launch infrastructure, smooth UX, low initial cost/capital requirements, and unparalleled customer support “

The Reason for the Seed Launch

Since the launch of Aqualis in March 2022, the founders fully funded the project’s development. Since then, Aqualis has created a website and frontend for the app, a working AMM and staking module, governance, and an early community and now working on the lending smart contract.

Due to this, the Aqualis team is now more confident than ever about the protocol, thus choosing to launch now. The funds will be used primarily for auditing and marketing once the protocol goes live.

Future Plans of Aqualis

Aqualis plans to go live and launch the public sale in early Q1 2023. Aqualis will maintain and optimize parameters in the existing ecosystem while adding new features to enhance capital efficiency during the next phase of development, before expanding into other sectors of DeFi such as cross-chain integration, NFT integration and GameFi. Please note future features and plans are subject to change.

Further information can be found on their roadmap here.

On Aqualis

By dynamically allocating funds throughout the ecosystem, Aqualis can achieve maximum capital utilization and efficiency. This allows Aqualis to offer the lowest fees in DeFi while retaining high depositor rewards without utilizing an inflationary token design.

A diverse team of DOXed experienced industry professionals, entrepreneurs and innovators. For more information, visit our teams page:

On PrimeDAO

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