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Giveth 🤝 PrimeDAO Token Swap: A Partnered Deal Update

Announcing the next token swap on Prime Deals


Giveth and PrimeDAO have completed a token swap. PrimeDAO is deeply aligned with Giveth on building a DAO2DAO ecosystem of cooperation and resilience. We believe that one of the best ways to unite on this common cause is to give each respective DAO ownership in the others’ endeavors with a token swap.

On 16 June 2022, Giveth sent 891,329.15 GIV to PrimeDAO’s Treasury and PrimeDAO reciprocated by sending 177,611.69 D2D tokens to the Giveth Treasury.

This swap occurred on our Prime Deals platform.

Why are we doing this?

Giveth and Prime share common cause in creating tools and platforms for DAOs to thrive. This deal seeks to highlight our shared goals and solidify it with a token swap and LP.

On 16 June 2022, Giveth sent 891,329.15 GIV to PrimeDAO’s Treasury and PrimeDAO reciprocated by sending 177,611.69 D2D tokens to the Giveth Treasury.

Giveth is a community focused on Building the Future of Giving using blockchain technology. Our intention is to support and reward the funding of public goods by creating open, transparent and free access to the revolutionary funding opportunities available within the Ethereum ecosystem. Giveth’s mission is to build a culture of giving that rewards and empowers those who give — to projects, to society, and to the world.

PrimeDAO provides crucial infrastructure and accessible tools within the DAO ecosystem for incumbents and new players. This makes DAOs more resilient through cooperation and community. Prime DAO’s mission is to enable DAOs to build a stronger ecosystem across web3.

How did we get here?

Part of Giveth’s core roadmap is to bring on projects and public goods that are creating positive impact in the world and provide them with a flow of tools and education in ReFi and Decentralized Governance. Through this token swap, Giveth is gradually bringing boots on the ground initiatives into the DAO space and eventually creating a token economy around the value they provide.

PrimeDAO’s tooling to empower DAO-2-DAO coordination and collaboration is, therefore, perfect fit for Giveth’s vision. A token swap between our two organizations was a no-brainer.

What’s next?

Giveth will not liquidate the received D2D tokens nor will Prime DAO liquidate their received GIV tokens unless explicitly negotiated.

We hope that by facilitating token swaps on a great platform like Prime Deals, we can drive the DAO ecosystem forward for the entire community by increasing the quality standards of DAO2DAO engagements.

If you are a DAO looking to join the networked DAO ecosystem by executing an on-chain agreement with Prime Deals, reach out to us here, or just jump into Prime Deals yourself and start exploring.

Get Primed!

We’ve never been more confident that DAO2DAO interactions will drive the future of crypto networks — we think the best way to bring this future into being is to build it.

If that interests you, there’s never been a more exciting point to get involved in Prime and reshape DAO coordination.

If you are committed to enabling DAO 2 DAO innovation and are interested in collaborating with or getting involved in Prime, jump into our Discord now, and let’s get connected!

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