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New Prime Rating Web App goes live with over 125 reports from 20 raters

Rate-thon to celebrate the launch starting today

  • Trustless — Reports are uploaded to IPFS and cannot be tampered with
  • Transparent — All reports are publicly accessible and verifiable
  • Community-driven — Reports are written by community analysts
  • Rate-to-earn system — Raters get rewarded and level-up
  • Governed by experts — Raters with the most experience have the most voting power

New features

New Design and Data
The new app comes in the new PrimeDAO design, with an easy-to-use interface displaying all relevant attributes, including overall score, technical and fundamental score, category, and last update.

The current Raters Ranks are Grand Master, Master, Graduate, Novice

Rate-athon #2

To kickstart the launch of the new web app, Prime Rating celebrates the release by holding a rating contest aka rate-athon #2!



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