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Prime $D2D distribution to V1 Prime Contributors starting on Thursday, March 24th

Breaking down the final stage of the D2D Migration and taking a glimpse at the new D2D economy

  • On Thursday, March 24th, PrimeDAO will distribute 372,137 D2D to 265 individual addresses eligible for under 10,000 D2D tokens.
  • 2,569,974 D2D will be vested for 3 months to 46 individual addresses that are eligible for over 10,000 D2D.
  • The residual tokens for the V1 Prime Contributors share (1,567,026 D2D) will remain in the PrimeDAO treasury for PrimeDAO to allocate later.

D2D Background

PrimeDAO was initiated in Q4 of 2020 with a mission to solve coordination problems in DeFi by steering a collective of experienced builders towards innovations that makes a real difference. To get PrimeDAO off the ground, the PrimeDAO Token was launched via a Mesa public auction in Q4 of 2020, raising 700K from an open network of contributors. After the first 6 months of building, it became clear that the initial set-up of the PrimeDAO Token (Prime) had some critical limitations that halted PrimeDAO’s growth, namely, too short vesting schedules, in-balanced initial distribution, and a sizeable illiquid supply.

Updated breakdown of the Prime (D2D) supply per stakeholder group with vesting schedule.

Distribution Timeline and Breakdown

The D2D Migration will start on Thursday, March 24th, 2022, and be executed by the Prime Migration squad. PrimeDAO (PRIME) holders and early users are automatically eligible for the rewards.

The future of $D2D and Prime Governance

The successful Migration of the PrimeDAO is an essential step towards creating the $D2D token economy to curate, build and control the Prime suit of DAO products and services. In the next development cycle (Q2), Prime is likely to launch its final two products of its core suite (Prime Deals & Prime Pools). The Prime tokenomics working group is currently working on a specification for a tokenomics design that would empower DAOs and DAOplomat to control and benefit from the Prime products.

Get Primed!

We’ve never been more confident that DAO2DAO interactions will drive the future of crypto networks — we think the best way to bring this future into being is to build it.



Collective of experienced builders enabling DAO 2 DAO innovation.

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