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Prime Deals Open Proposal: ShapeShift DAO 🤝 [Your DAO here] for 1,000,000 $FOX


They’re offering up 1,000,000 $FOX in a token swap for DAOs interested in building this vision. There are numerous benefits to holding $FOX. Partnered DAOs can integrate directly into the Shapeshift platform for distribution, vote on ShapeShift DAO proposals, enter into revenue-sharing agreements with other protocols and services integrated into Shapeshift, and receive a percentages of revenues from validators operated by the DAO, as well as revenues from resource allocation in the DAO treasury. This is a huge opportunity to build the future of DeFi with a strong team focused on a future of abundance for all.

Open Proposal Specifics

The DAO seeks strong mission and vision alignment for a potential token swap partner first and foremost, with more details to be found here.

The swap will also give the potential deal partner the opportunity to directly integrate with Shapeshift, which will enable seamless access to cross-chain liquidity with no KYC, custody, or added fees for their potential token holders.

The following deal clauses will apply:

  • Mission and Vision alignment: ShapeShift want their goals to be aligned with DAOs they make token swaps with.
  • Strong tokenomics: The assets offered for swap should have well-articulated and sustainable tokenomics.
  • Chain preference: ShapeShift is chain-agnostic. However, they’re currently only able to use Gnosis Safe to hold tokens–thus, their choice of universe of investable chains is limited to those that are compatible with Gnosis Safe.
  • Terms of the token swap: Around $50/100K worth of tokens to be swapped from each party, calculated from 7D moving average.
  • Usage of the tokens: Strategic alignment through governance participation is an ideal outcome of potential D2D token swaps. ShapeShift is also interested in seeding joint liquidity pools.

On ShapeShift DAO

ShapeShift DAO governs ShapeShift, a free open source platform to trade, track, buy, and earn. They saw how fast and innovative open protocols were, and felt that if they were to move as fast as possible they would need fewer gatekeepers and much more flexibility and dynamism. They landed on a DAO as the best way for ShapeShift to thrive in the long term, and announced the conversion to a DAO in July 2021.

Today, the DAO has ten workstreams and 112 contributors, and they are the top rated DAO in Boardroom by projects. Their discord has over 9700 members, and are they are the #22 rated DAO by token holders in DeepDAO.

They’ve made significant progress toward full decentralization in 2022, using a number of PrimeDAO partners and friends such as Colony, Zodiac (Gnosis), and more to execute payments autonomously, enable proposals autonomously, and ensure the least amount of centralization necessary for decision making.

On PrimeDAO

Get Primed!

If that interests you, there’s never been a more exciting point to get involved in Prime and reshape DAO coordination.

If you are a member of a DAO looking to join the networked DAO ecosystem by executing an on-chain agreement with Prime Deals, reach out to us here, or just jump into Prime Deals yourself and start exploring.

If you are committed to enabling DAO 2 DAO innovation and are interested in collaborating with or getting involved in Prime, jump into our Discord now, and let’s get connected!



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