Prime Launch Now Supports the Celo Network

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allowing regenerative and impact projects to have an on-chain token sale on Celo without having to write a single line of code.

We are proud to be a part of the #CeloEvolution and can’t wait to see it continue to evolve and make a positive impact on the world!

On April 4th, PrimeDAO joined forces with Celo to accelerate the development of DAOs building at the nexus of web3 and climate action. As strategic partners with a common mission, PrimeDAO and Celo have launched multiple initiatives to support regenerative finance projects on the Celo network.

As part of the partnership, PrimeDAO and Symmetric, have successfully integrated Balancer v2 liquidity pools into Celo, enabling the launch of ReFi DAOs in the network through Prime Launch.

We are excited to announce that this major partnership milestone has been achieved. The Prime Launch dApp now supports the Celo Network, allowing projects to have a web3 on-chain token sale without having to write a single line of code.

The platform offers two distinct launch options for projects to raise funds: Seed Launch, which enables fixed price swapping and customization of contributor classes with unique parameters, and Liquid Launch, a fair and efficient method for launching and generating initial liquidity for a token.

Growth Program and Commit to Purchase

PrimeDAO not only manages the launch platform on Celo but also runs an incubation and mentorship program to support initiatives that combine web3 and climate. Through this program, early-stage projects can gain access to experienced mentors and service providers to aid in the development of their projects.

Additionally, ReFi projects launching on Celo can take advantage of PrimeDAO’s commitment to purchase program, which provides up to 100k cUSD to eligible projects based on a team-developed methodology. Interested ReFi projects can apply for the ReFi Launch program on Celo here!

Kolektivo’s Seed Launch on Celo

Kolektivo successfully hosted the first ReFi Prime Launch on the Celo Network from December 8th to December 15th.

During this time, more than 100k cUSD was raised for Kolektivo’s seed offering with the aKNT token, which represents a claim to at least one Kolektivo Network Token (KNT) upon the network’s launch in 2023.

Want to Launch on Celo with Prime Launch?

The web3 community is rapidly responding to the climate emergency through the growing Regenerative Finance (#ReFi) movement. At PrimeDAO, we are ready to do our part. 💪

Our goal is to accelerate the #ReFi movement by onboarding the next thousand DAOs that are working towards regenerating the environment and building a future of financial inclusion.

We are providing support to those interested in launching on Celo through our Prime Launch program, including access to our liquidity boost program.

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