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Prime Launch to support the Kolektivo Seed on Celo

Starting December 8th, up to 200,000 cUSD can be contributed.

You can already view the Kolektivo Seed in the Prime Launch app.

As strategic partners with a shared mission, PrimeDAO and Celo run multiple programs to support Regenerative Finance projects on Celo.

As of last week, the Prime Launch dApp supports the Celo Network, allowing projects to host an effective Web 3.0 native launch without having to write a single line of code.

The Launch platform supports two different types of launches: Seed Launch, a fixed price swap with the ability to create custom classes of contributors with their own parameters, and Liquid Launch, a fair and efficient method to launch and create liquidity for a token on Celo in collaboration with Symmetric.

More details about the different types of launches and the benefits of each method can be found in the Prime Docs.

Incubation, Mentorship and Commit to Purchase

In addition to operating the launch platform on Celo, PrimeDAO’s team also runs an incubation and mentorship program to accelerate initiatives building at the nexus of web3 and climate. Through this program, early-stage projects can access a network of experienced mentors and service providers to help develop their projects.

ReFi projects launching on Celo can also benefit from a commit to purchase program operated by PrimeDAO. Depending on the quality and conviction of a project, based on a methodology developed by the team, PrimeDAO can contribute up to 100,000 cUSD to a project’s launch.

ReFi projects that are interested in participating in the ReFi Launch program on Celo can pre-register here!

Prime Launch to support the Kolektivo Seed on Celo

Kolektivo will host the first ReFi Prime Launch on the Celo Network from Thursday, December 8th to Thursday, December 15th.

During this period, up to 200,000 cUSD can be contributed to the Kolektivo Seed to receive aKNT, a token representing a claim to at least 1 Kolektivo Network Token (KNT) when the network launches in 2023. To participate, contributors need to register with Kolektivo via this form.

The KNT token is the native token of the Kolektivo Network. It has essential functions in the network, such as managing the Network Treasury and Ecological Assets controlled by Kolektivo, directing the project roadmap, and as a collateral token for the treasury and reserves.

Contributors will receive 1 aKNT per 0.15 cUSD contributed. The aKNT will be locked in Prime Launch for up to 1-year to ensure the correct contributors receive their KNT when the Kolektivo Network launches. There is no minimum to the amount an individual can contribute.

Interested and want to dive deeper into Kolektivo? Start by exploring their Medium blogs or read the Bluepaper to get a complete overview.

About Kolektivo

Kolektivo is building a toolkit for real-world regenerative economies that leverage the latest Web 3.0 innovations. The Kolektivo tools will allow local communities to coordinate their efforts to tap into the emerging Natural Asset market and provides them with the framework to manage and govern their community currency to enhance further their ability to coordinate development.

The project has received grants from DAOstack (to create CuraDAO in 2019), MakerDAO (to create CuraDAI in 2020), Fuse, Celo, Climate Collective, and the Ministry of Economic Development of Curaçao.

The MVP of the toolkit went live in October this year during the Kolektivo Festival, a big ReFi event on the Caribbean island of Curaçao with over 750 attendees.

Now, Kolektivo is gathering resources to complete the first version of the toolkit and expand beyond the initial pilot in Curaçao, together with its partners.

How to Participate

If you want to support Kolektivo’s mission to create a network of local regenerative economies, follow the steps below:

1. Fill out the pre-registration form to receive all relevant information and next steps

2. Based on your preferred contribution limit, you’ll have to follow potential KYC steps.

3. Once approved, visit the Prime Launch app between December 8th and December 15th and follow the steps in the app to contribute.

If you have any questions or need support — you can join the PrimeDAO Discord or reach out to the Kolektivo team via

Benefit of using Prime Launch Seed

Using Prime Launch, projects like Kolektivo can make a portion of their Private Round available to the larger ReFi community in a streamlined way while simultaneously connect with the PrimeDAO network of mentors, service providers and DAOs.

Accelerate ReFi with PrimeDAO

If you are a ReFi project interested in launching on Celo, read more about our Growth Program here and reach out to us here, or jump into Prime Launch and start exploring.

If you are committed to enabling DAO 2 DAO innovation and are interested in collaborating with or getting involved in Prime, jump into our Discord now, and let’s get connected!



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