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Prime Liquid Launch (LBP) Guide

A how-To guide on participating in the D2D LBP

The D2D Liquid Launch

The D2D Liquid Launch Event Details

How to get D2D

Get D2D via Prime Launch

1. Go to to verify the Prime Launch URL and information

2. Click on the “Access D2D on Balancer via Prime Launch” Button

3. Check the Current Price of D2D

4. Connect your web3 wallet to the Prime Launch dApp

Accept the Prime T&Cs.

5. Enter the amount of USDC you would like to swap for D2D

6. Approve Your Tokens for Swap

7. Click the “Buy ” Button to Swap for D2D Tokens

8. Wait for your transaction to confirm on the blockchain

9. Congratulations! You are now a PrimeDAO member. Welcome to the community!

Alternatively: Get D2D via Balancer

So, What’s The Best LBP Strategy?

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