PrimedIO 2.0 is out

Feb 25, 2018 · 4 min read

It has been a long run, with a lot of commits, issues, contributions & fun!

PrimedIO is a 1:1 personalization framework. Bring relevance to your customers, boost conversion, and reduce churn using our easy to use personalisation delivery platform.

PrimedIO delivering recommendations using a “similar to this” algorithm by RTL


PrimedIO 2.0.0 is out, up to date with the lastest versions of PyPrimed, a new Admin GUI and completely revamped infrastructure. Better stability, performances and ready for production. It also brings a few breaking changes, new features, and a lot of bug fixes. See the release note on GitLab for full details.


PrimedIO started life February, 2017 as a two man’s effort creating the world’s first 1:1 personalisation framework that mimics the human brain.

In April 2017, we partnered with RTL Netherlands to deliver realtime personalized news to RTL Nieuws readers using a novel multimodel blending approach.

Alejandro joined us in June, 2017 as our first developer. Aaron helped us creating the first release of the infrastructure.

In December, 2017, PrimedIO was integrated in Videoland and RTL Boulevard.

PrimedIO Insights allows you full control of all of the data collected in your own clickstream datawarehouse.

What’s new in 2.0?

The emphasis of this release is to improve robustness and UX. The most important change is that we completely rebuild the infrastructure to handle even more traffic, be more secure, and more flexible. The advances in infrastructure also allow use to deploy a larger set of services.

New features:

  • Robust, secure and flexible infrastructure allows you to keep your data in the company.
  • User behaviour capturing: Clicks, read time, plays, you name it; we got you covered.
  • Async worker, designed to solve many of the issues with v1.0.0 related to stability and performance (make sure you get pyprimed 2.0.0 (previously known as PrimedIO-PySDK))
  • Pagination to reduce load on backend when performing pio.signals.all() (also applies to targets)
  • A fullblown Admin GUI to do everything you can do with the REST Api
  • Powerful Impression and Conversion dashboarding
  • Efficient Delserts remove the need for a delete() before uploading new data
  • Interpret pageview conversions
  • Addition of a global delete target call
Administrate all your campaigns, models, users and more using the all new PrimedIO Admin Gui

Get Started

Many consumers are rightly concerned about their online data. By its very architecture, PrimedIO gives the companies that use it complete control of all of the data collected in their own clickstream datawarehouse.

We always recommend that companies exercise that control to protect their user’s data: we recommend not to share that data with third parties without permission, and to delete that user data from their systems when requested. Because companies that employ PrimedIO have complete control over their own data, and complete flexibility to do with it what they want, they are much better placed from a consumer privacy perspective than companies that rely on traditional SAAS vendors.

Want to give PrimedIO a go? We are building a sandbox environment that does a one click install of PrimedIO In the mean time you can get access to a demo environment by contacting us.

What’s next?

Faster release rate

Our release rate is going to be higher, 2.0 was pretty hard to release since we wanted everything to be perfect, using a completely rewritten infrastructure. Using this new more flexible basis, we will make more smaller releases.


The next major release will mostly focus on performance, it means faster builds but also higher requests handling.


We plan to add tutorials and videos to help on-boarding users. We will also finish our new sandbox environment to help you experimenting.


Lastly, we have been working on a public Slack channel on Personalization & Recommendations to help users to see what’s happening and also reward contributors.

We have currently 18 people on the PrimedIO Slack helping us improve PrimedIO in many ways. You guys are awesome !


We will do more talks about PrimedIO in 2018, planned as of now:

Berlin Buzzwords, Germany, June 10–12

Projects using PrimedIO

Since its first release, we see developers using PrimedIO everyday, and we are proud to see some large companies adopting it. PrimedIO is now used in production at RTL Nieuws, Videoland and RTL Boulevard. More to come!


PrimedIO Predictive Model Delivery — Real-world data science deployment for enterprise


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PrimedIO Predictive Model Delivery — Real-world data science deployment for enterprise