Round-1 of ICO is Now Live!

The first round of ICO has just started today at 16:00 UTC. Participating in the ICO is a very simple process. Just log in to your user dashboard, go to the Buy PML page and follow the instruction. Upon successful purchase, PML tokens will be delivered to your wallet automatically.

Here are some reasons to join the ICO:

Limited Supply: Only eight million PML will be issued and ever exist to keep the demand high. Majority of the tokens will be sold during the ICO.

Incredible Price: You can buy PML at an incredible price of only fifty cents during the ICO. This is the lowest ever price that you van avail PML for.

Tradable in Exchanges: PML will be enlisted at least in 4 external exchanges by 2018. So you don’t have to solely depend on our internal exchange for trading.

Instant Token Delivery: The ICO smart contract will automatically send PML to you soon as you make your pruchase. It means no waiting time to get token in your wallet.

Join today:

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