PrimeXBT Launches iOS App

Only a month after the release of the PrimeXBT Android app, we are happy to announce that the iOS version for Apple smartphones is now live and ready for action!

As promised, both apps are synchronous with the desktop version, providing users with the same enhanced experience and full access to all of PrimeXBT’s advanced features, financial instruments, and unmatched leverage allocation.

The launch of the smartphone app is aimed to empower traders with heightened accessibility for effective management and simple surveillance of their investment portfolios at any time, anywhere they go.

The new iOS mobile application is available for free download now at the Apple Store, in addition to the Android version from the Google Play Store.

What to Expect From the PrimeXBT Trading App

As per the desktop version, the PrimeXBT application is intuitively easy to use and understand. The UI design is sleek and simplistic with the option to add, remove, or resize widgets that you do/don’t use for the most comfortable and seamless trading experience.

The speed and precision of the mobile app are invariable to the desktop version, powered by the same trading engine and security infrastructure, which has proven to consistently and flawlessly execute orders, even under extreme loads and hyperactive volatility.

The industry-leading features of PrimeXBT and the mobile trading app include:

● The highest leverage offered by any trading platform across all available assets: Up to 100x on crypto-assets and stock indices, up to 500x commodities, and up to 1000x on forex instruments.

● Ability to hold long and short positions simultaneously (even on the same asset).

● High liquidity, aggregated from 12 leading sources in real-time.

● Advanced order types, including stop-loss, OCO, take profit, limit, market, and protection orders.

● Stable trading engine and powerful charting technology.

● Instant and reliable order execution.

● Advanced technical analysis tools.

● Detailed portfolio performance data.

● Multi-level security system, address whitelisting, + 24/7 support service.

● Low min deposit: 0.001 BTC with alternative deposit options including fiat and 130+ altcoins.

● Low fees: 0.05% on all trades/assets.

● Quick and easy sign-up, with no KYC.

● And much more.

From the one bitcoin-based trading platform and mobile application, PrimeXBT uniquely offers a diverse range of financial instruments across a selection of the most popular and profitable asset classes, these include:


- 18 leading forex trading pairs made up of USD, EUR, GPP, AUD, CAD, JPY, & CHF currencies.

- Spot contracts for Gold and Silver: XAUUSD and XAGUSD

- CFDs for major commodities markets: NAT.GAS, BRENT & CRUDE Oil

- The world’s most popular stock indices: NAS.NAQ, GER30, HK-HSI, AUS200, JAPAN, & UK100.

With access to this impressive variety of asset classes, traders can employ thoughtful diversification strategies as a way to increase their total profit potential and decrease risk by spreading their capital among both high and low volatility markets to offset the opposing forces across the broader global financial market.

More exciting assets and features are yet to be added to PrimeXBT as the platform scales, and when they do, they will indeed be available on the mobile trading app. Thus allowing traders to maintain control of their portfolio and to perform at the same level, using the same techniques, orders, and strategies, as they would if they were using their PC.

In the world of trading, it is essential to be able to act quickly when the opportunity arises. That’s exactly what PrimeXBT’s trading app allows for, at no sacrifice to the performance or action that can be taken in comparison to the desktop version.

PrimeXBT provides traders with a liberating element of flexibility and oversight, no longer stuck at their computer if they wish to attend to other important aspects of life — made possible by the mobile trading app.

Download the PrimeXBT Mobile App Today at the Apple Store for iOS

The release of the PrimeXBT mobile iOS app further demonstrates our commitment to the trading community as we strive to deliver the most favorable trading environment, accessible on all devices, anywhere in the world.

Available as a free download now at the Apple Store for iOS devices, as well as for Android devices on the Google Play Store.



Trade Crypto, Indices, FX and Commodities with leverage from a single Bitcoin-based account. Enjoy ultra-fast order execution, multiple order types and fully customizable interface. Margin trading carries risk of capital loss.

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