The Four Illusions

Our ability to accurately perceive the world is limited by four illusions which are based on deep human needs.

The need for permanence: A feeling that things are stable and that the world isn’t shifting constantly under our feet.

The need for control: A feeling that we are in control of what’s going on.

The need for certainty: A feeling that what we know is true, factual and accurate.

The need to feel objective: A feeling that we are able to accurately perceive the world, form theories and make judgments based not on our personal subjective feelings, but because we are rational and objective.

These deep needs form the basis of our beliefs, but they also distort our understanding, because we believe them mostly because we want them to be true.

Understanding these four illusions and the impact they have on your understanding is the first step in gaining real clarity about your life situation and options.

If you’re part of the system, you’re part of the problem. But the four illusions make this incredibly difficult to see.

This is the first step in the Liminal Thinking journey.

Dave Gray is the Founder of XPLANE and author of Selling to the VP of NO, The Connected Company and Gamestorming.