5 things to consider when buying art.

Art is a long term investment. When you buy an expensive art to place in your spaces you intend to keep it at your place forever. Therefore art buy is something which needs extra care and consideration. Sometimes you see artwork and fall in love with it. You instantly see that artwork hanging on your walls or adorning a corner. However, there are a few points that you need to take into thinking while purchasing the artwork. Just like while purchasing clothes, accessories or any electronic gadget you have to do a lot of research.


Think about why you want to buy art. If it is for the clear reason of adding a pop of colour in your space then you can trust your instincts and purchase something completely based on your preference. But if you intend to buy art as an investment then detailed research is necessary before diving into a conclusion. Primarily you have to verify the authenticity of the artwork and the artist behind it. If you are depending on online shopping or retail buying inspect that the artist they refer is the original artist of the concerned art piece. For this purpose, you can compare the work of artists, check their signature and so on. When you buy an art coming directly from the creators you are unknowingly uplifting the art culture.

Beware of duplicates and other forms of unauthentic products in the market. Often in paintings, thick paint is reapplied over to make it look unique, besides there are many websites that offer unskilled art that is substandard. You will not regret if you clearly outline the purpose of your art buy and act accordingly.

2) Place

Often the online sellers are dealers or agents themselves that serve as middlemen between the artist and the audience and earn a percentage over the profit earned from the sale. You must verify about the agent as what process did they follow and the genuineness of their intention. However, it’s best chosen to buy art that comes directly from the artist. The artists themselves prefer it as it helps to facilitate their work to a wider audience which is favourable and relishing for them.

Even if you’re buying from a trustworthy source, there are some crucial points to recall like, is it a second-hand product which was already owned, its present condition, ask for a specialist to give their expertise on the product/artwork. You can always demand any documentation with details of authenticity that may be suited to prove from the dealer, gallery or the artist representative from whom you are buying. Look for credible companies that give all the necessary information.

3) Price

Be willing to pay a fair price for the artwork. The authenticity certificate with descriptive details may further add to the price of the item. Beware of duplicated work which may be available at huge discounts than the original. Art sellers often offer secondhand or clearance items that may not meet your expectations of the quality, condition or originality. Do check and compare prices and product before settling with the final payments. Buying art online is affordable but compare prices to get the best deal for yourself.

Before you make online payments, make sure you are buying from a genuine site with proper pay services and guaranteed sale. Make sure the online gallery allows you to remake your mind once an artwork arrives and to return it, after a reasonable period without any conflict, if you are not satisfied with the item you purchased.

4) Procedure

If you are buying online be sure the seller uses a professional shipper so that you can be certain that your item is delivered safely and reaches you in proper conditions for often one is expected to pay for the shipping being included in the final payment. While buying from a shop try to verify the quality of the materials used. Remember that if you want to buy art at an affordable price you don’t have to think or get yourself confused about the product. But if you are spending a reasonable or huge amount you must make sure that the art you are taking home or any of your space is worthy and fulfils your art desires.

Often what appears online is different when you see it physically. You should check out several other offline galleries, shops and artwork seller’s to get a fair idea about the products and can, therefore, judge well about their real appearance and look. Besides the price usually, differ from that of the offline. One should put feats into gaining sound proficiency and keeping upbeat with what’s in store offline in reality.

5) Preference

After you make the decision of making an art buy it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of beginning your search and the talk around different choices and artists from people around. Don’t take a decision completely based on these recommendations and trendiness.Take some time to consider about the type of art you love, what makes you feel connected with them and how you can reflect your aura through them. Don’t end up buying something you don’t actually like just because some one suggested. Visit galleries and online shops, get yourself into the immense collections of spectacular art forms and then grab the art you want in your space.

At printartica, we appreciate art and the value of art and artists. The incredible elegance about art is its uniqueness and originality hence we strive to maintain its charm and make it accessible to our customers. As we realize the safety needed to endeavour while handling preciousness, we offer the best shipment of your purchased items from us so that your item reaches you well intact. Artists who would like to express their talent and language of art may find a place for their creations here with us at printartica.

Life is all about feeling connected.And connection roots from hearing the world and letting it hear urs. thajziya06@gmail.com

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