Surrealism : The art of an alternate reality

Oct 31, 2020 · 5 min read

Art gives complete freedom of interpretation to the viewer. It makes us think about situations which are practically impossible but pleasing to the mind. The unconfined ideas take us to an alternate world distant from reality. Surrealism by the name itself reflects its purpose of existence. An art form that is never inspibyfrom real-world scenarios but intense concepts.

Surrealism is created from a different state of consciousness and dreamy imaginations. Surrealists believed that art was always created in an imaginary way based on art memories feelings and dreams. When going back to the origin of surrealism, the world cannot ignore the contribution of Dali in it. People recognize his revolutionary existence through a world-famous recent web series.

People had mixed feelings about Dali’s work. Either they admired it or rejected outright. In either case, the person questioning find it difficult to explain why they had such a reaction. And this is the whole point of Dali’s work. It is the purpose of surrealism as well. The difficulty in articulating feelings thoughts or sensations.

Surrealism was a radical, revolutionary movement that intended to shake things up on both individual and societal levels. Even though the surrealist movement have faded away, artists have continued to use surreal art for revolutionary means ever since. Surrealism provides the opportunity to escape external structures to peer into unconscious interiors and explore what’s hidden there.

The Surrealist art movement opened the doors to a style of art that the world had never seen before.Surrealists tried to interpret images of the subconscious and the dream world. Though many Surrealist artists used traditional means of painting, they developed techniques to bring meaning into their work. This style and technique received much rejection by the art world but was eventually accepted and paved the way for other expressive forms of art.

Surrealist art is innovative and transformative and can showcase fantastical, imagined worlds that provide the viewer with an escape from reality. Surrealist art is special because of its highly versatile existence expressed through various mediums as in sculpture, painting, photography and much more. The wide probe of this art explains why surrealism continues to influence modern artists today. Surrealism presents a whole new perspective and innovative way of thinking, which is what has made the genre so acceptable.

Surrealism was meant to take the average citizen out of a normal chain of thought and awaken their subconscious with the hope that the world would spark and reject the rational and subjugated version of reality and the human experience and enable them to intrude more into deeper meaning of art. The whole point of Surrealism was to break out of conventional ways of life and conventional patterns of thought into something beyond ordinary life and reality. It tuned people more into an intuitive world.

Criticisms of surrealism are confronted that it is completely defined and minutely depicted but that makes no rational sense. The fully recognizable painted images are removed from its normal contexts .The work aims to provoke a sympathetic response in the viewer, forcing him to acknowledge the irrationality .Many found it meaningless and not acceptable because of its unique approach.

Though art should be intended towards the expression of the wish to strengthen the foundations of reality as much as possible. Surrealism provoked world consciousness. Which may find odd for someone but still recognized through its characteristics.

During the pandemic artists from countries like Hong Kong created sculptures resembling the seriousness of the situation Surrealist way. At times of fear and anxiety, creative expression are not only ways to connect and communicate but also sometimes alleviate the gravity of the situation in favour of embracing the surreal.

The digitalized version of surrealism are emerging prominently nowadays. Digital surrealism is a bit different from former surrealism where artists used to paint through hands, without any external assistance. In digital method, a computer-used art is developed within one of the defining methods to create a vision of the artist itself. Use of technology in surrealism has changed the perspectives of people’s thinking. Surrealism used to be a way to show how crazy the world could be but now the real world is even more surreal than the imagination of artists.

Art is a way to express ourselves, to entertain people and create awareness at the same time. It’s a way to connect with others during tough times. Surrealism traditionally aimed to revolutionise human experience, asserting the value of the unconscious and dreams while rejecting a diplomatic version of life. With surrealist artists finding beauty in the unexpected, we can adopt these principles to find grounding and value in such an uncertain times and be comforted by the human experience and sense of community that artists try to convey.

Today surrealism is important because it provides what it has ever since its initiation. The opportunity to escape external structures to peer into unconscious interiors and explore what’s hidden there. It implies big questions about the nature of accepted reality, and urges viewers to redefine themselves based on their own internal worlds.

So when you look at a Dalí or any other surreal painting and find yourself either delighted, skeptical, or experiencing any other emotion, ask yourself “what is concealed in my subconscious that would make me react this way?

Because in the end, a surrealist work isn’t about the piece itself, or even the artist who created it. In truth, it’s all about you.


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printartica is an online marketplace for selling art and photographs coming from creators across the world. Our mission is to ensure a democratic availability of art for everyone.

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