Introduction of the Printer $PRINT Token

Danny Kass
Sep 8, 2020 · 3 min read
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This is the beginning of the Printer token $PRINT. As the Printing platform is being built it important to introduce a token that support the growth of the platform since there is no Venture Capital involved with this DAO starting up. The collectors and artists ordering artwork are the early adopters will earn Printer tokens as reward for building the platform. The $PRINT token has potential to grow as the network grows since we are not only selling printing but collectibles with everything made in USA. As the network grows so can the value due to Metcalfe’s law with the network growing proportional to the number of connected users on the platform. These tokens will be used to get priority access to our services and buy printing. As the treasury of the printerdao.eth and liquidity of $PRINT grows the ability to use the tokens on printing services will increase.

The first priority for $PRINT will be used to securely build the database to increase values of all prints on the platform for collectors and artists with the goal of creating a post secondary market. The platform will be designed for the collectors and artists with the opportunity earn 50% stakes in the DAO. The developers are next priority looking to built powerful NFT minting platform with transaction fees that cost pennies instead of dollars. The code is being developed on xDAI by Austin Griffith. The $PRINT is minted on xDAI which is a side chain that enables lower cost barriers to participate and use of the token in the DAO.

The DAO has been created on a fork of Aragon on xDAI side chain to allows more flexibility without the high ethereum transaction fees. The Printer token will be first used for submitting voting proposals that will take time since there has been 1 billion tokens minted for distribution. These tokens will be distributed through various ways supporting the platform for being an artists, collectors, Influencers, DAOs, developers and more.

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There will be 25% for both the Artists and collectors allowing the platform to empower early supporters which make the platform possible from the start. Then 10% for influencers who are an important part in generating interest and creating liquidity for $PRINT. The Metaverse is crucial to the success of the platform long term will include 10% of $PRINT for building inside. The Team will get 20% of the supply and founder will get 10%. These details can change as the platform gets developed and we identify new areas of need.

There will be a marketplace where we will feature artists with there artwork on our website with a checkout option for customers to send payment starting with Metamask, Argent wallet and expanding to fiat. The artists will earn PRINT tokens when items are sold and could expand to earning xDAI. As the marketplace generates sales funds will go towards further development of the platform, adding new services or products, hiring developers, and more. As tokens get distributed and the platform gets developed more details in the future on token buybacks and ways to increase the value of the network.

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The first boss we have to take down is generating sales and distributing tokens. Lets start with this first as I will release more information in the future.


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