NFT Initial Poster Offering

Danny Kass
Sep 23, 2020 · 2 min read
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In the past Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) became a popular fundraising method used primarily by startups wishing to offer products and services, usually related to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Now I’m introducing you a new form of fundraising called NFT Initial Poster Offering for artists and developers that allows them to raise capital by selling NFT collectible posters with large scalability minted on blockchains like Ethereum. These posters will include a QR Code or NFC sticker attached to them that can be linked to the Blockchain on Etherscan.

We will be conducting the first NFT IPO which won’t have set artwork, artist, and quantities. All orders will be included $PRINT tokens that will be airdropped to NFT owners to decide voting on the DAO. That will happen on xDAI a side chain allowing lower participating cost to pennies instead of dollars. The $PRINT token will be distributed through your Ethereum wallet which will connect the xDAI RPC instead of mainnet.

The Official NFT IPO Voucher
The Official NFT IPO Voucher
The Official NFT IPO Voucher

All artists who purchase the voucher will be allowed to apply for your artwork to be printed in this batch. The owners of the voucher will decide the fate of the artists artwork that get printed. This will be made public on our Social media. These vouchers will be purchased on our website and NFT minting platforms starting with Rarible. As these vouchers sell we will release further information on what make sense moving forward based on the size of the crowd.


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