Best Ring POS / Sales Webinar Recap

Last week Jay Tibrewala, Priority’s Product Manager, and Randy Smith, Director of Sales at Best Ring, discuss the latest in festival and event POS technology.

Quick Recap / Did You Know?

  • Best Ring is a unique point-of-sale system designed for indoor and outdoor events / festivals and provides safe and secure transactions in any environment.
  • Best Ring delivers customized menus, item pricing, data tracking and reporting for all activities in real-time. If a Merchant is using a third party to manage its POS system and the third party has remote access into the POS system, specifically the cardholder data environment, then that third party has to be a QIR.
  • Based in Austin, TX. Best Ring launched cashless at ACL and changed the festival payment game. Best Ring knows the ins and outs of working a variety of fields and thrives in complicated venues.
  • Best Ring has the ability to offer cashless payments using RFID technology. Use it with RFID-enabled tags, wristbands, credentials, cards… you name it. The future is now.
  • Best Ring’s team of developers designed and built the hardware and software to be durable and dependable.
  • Best Ring systems are available for rent or lease and offer an à la carte menu of peripheral services for seasonal and short term festivals and events.

Did You Miss the Webinar?

You can access the Best Ring webinar along with other sales and marketing tools via Priority University or view the webinar directly by clicking here.

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