Decrease Transaction Time and Increase Efficiency with MX Merchant™ Customer Management

Did you know that you can manage credit cards and/or bank accounts for each of your customers within MX Merchant™?

The valuable “Account Vault” feature is found in the “Customers” section and provides an easy way to decrease transaction time and increase efficiency. Ready to make a payment? Simply select a credit card or bank account on file and submit! Piece of cake.

But it doesn’t stop there! The MX Merchant™ “Customers” section also delivers you with a way to easily manage the individuals and businesses you interact with through spending profiles, custom fields, addresses, contacts, payment history and custom notes !

Merchants know an efficient back office is critical to their success. MX Merchant™ handles back office functions with powerful, customized payments tools made to set your business apart from the rest — and all from a single, beautifully designed source.

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