MX B2B Webinar Recap / Priority University Continuing Education Series

In last week’s Priority University Continuing Education Webinar Series Andrea Brock, Priority’s Corporate Trainer, reviewed the MX Merchant™ B2B Marketplace App and discussed how it ensures that Purchasing and Corporate card payment data is passed correctly in order to qualify for Level 2 and Level 3 interchange rates.

Quick Recap / Did You Know?

  • Corporate and/or Purchasing cards may qualify for a lower interchange rate if additional requirements are met and Level II or Level III data is passed along with the transaction.
  • Level II and III data consists of transaction details such as tax amount, unit of cost and product code — transaction settlement time and the Merchant’s MCC/SIC code assigned are also qualifiers.
  • American Express and Discover do not participate in these programs.
  • Priority’s competitively priced integrated B2B App passes Level II and Level III data for Business, Corporate, Government, GSA and Large Ticket Sales to assist Merchants in qualifying for a reduction in interchange rates with no additional data entered by Merchant.
  • This is a seamless App that works “behind-the-scenes” and once activated helps merchants receive reduced interchange rates.
  • The B2B Marketplace App can be activated in MX ISO/Agent during Merchant boarding or by reviewing an existing Merchant via All Merchants. Standard rates are preloaded at the MX Portfolio level but may be changed by speaking with your RM. A Trial Period may also be set in which no billing will occur.

Did You Miss the Webinar?

No worries, you can access this webinar along with other sales and marketing tools via Priority University or view the MX B2B Overview Webinar by clicking here.

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