MX Express™ Provides Real-Time Data For All Mobile Transactions

MX Merchant™ provides real-time transaction data for transactions processed via our Mobile Application, MX Express™!

Have Merchants that are not a brick and mortar and don’t want to be stuck behind a register or need to be out and about while transacting? MX Merchant offers a mobile iOS app built to suit your on-the-go needs. MX Express™ is an easy-to-use application that allows you to accept mobile card payments (with or without a card reader) with optional gratuity.

It’s free to download from the iOS App Store, fast to setup and just like MX Merchant comes complete with the comprehensive transactional data that helps give your Merchants a clearer understanding of their business.


Easily view both transactions and batch information. On the payments screen you can see the status of the payment, void/refund the transaction, adjust the tip amount, preview and resend a receipt. The batches screen provides a summary of the sale count and total, refund count and total, batch total and if it is opened or closed. From here you can also close an open batch and review your payments.


Taking a payment in MX Express is easy. Just enter in the dollar amount, swipe or key the card information and once the payment is complete select how you want to deliver the receipt.


MX Express prompts the customer for tips and signature after every credit card transaction. Select from your default tip amounts or enter a custom tip. Enabling “convert tips” changes the display tip choices from percentages to dollar amounts for transactions under $10.


Make the app yours with the settings section.Customize your signature options, tip amounts and defaults, set up printers, card readers, change the font color, and set default presentment types.

Set your Merchants up today at no cost to you!

For more information, contact or visit us online.


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