MX Medical™ Webinar Recap / Priority University Continuing Education Series

In this week’s Priority University Continuing Education Webinar Series Jay Tibrewala reviews MX Medical™, Priority’s cloud-based medical payment acceptance solution, and discusses how it can help Healthcare Providers collect and record patient payments at the time of service, after the fact, or both.

Quick Recap / Did You Know?

  • The average deductible is nearly $2,000 and there are many patients who struggle to pay their bills. MX Medical provides a way to educate, inform, communicate and offer various payment options.
  • 91% of patients said it was important to know their financial responsibility prior to a provider visit. MX Medical gives providers the tools they need to provide better pricing transparency.
  • If a patient walks out without paying your likely rate of collection falls to 60% of the expected bill. MX Medical helps providers collect at the time of service.
  • 72% of patients prefer to pay their bills electronically. With the MX Medical ePay solution providers can dramatically improve collections by up to 10%, reduce internal costs up to $10 per online payment — all while reducing data entry errors.

Did You Miss the Webinar?

No worries! You can access this webinar along with other sales and marketing tools via Priority University or view the MX Medical Overview Webinar directly by clicking here.

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