Release Notes / Friday, February 24th

The ideas portal is in full swing and we are getting some amazing feedback. This release was our way of showing you that we’ve heard ya and are working on improvements!

MX Merchant™ What’s New

  • A little light reading. Our documentation site has been in need of a makeover for quite some time now and we finally made the change. There is a ton of detail, some awesome pictures, and even videos! Make sure to check it out in MX Merchant by clicking on Docs in the left-hand menu.
  • Not everyone needs to know, we understand. You can now choose to not send decline messages to customers on recurring plans. This new feature can be found under the recurring settings.
  • No more guessing. Check out our new Product Sales Report when you install the MX Retail app on MX Merchant. This report gives you a breakdown of every time a product was sold, who it was sold to, your profit, and more.
  • We gave the Settlement report some lovin’. Added search and filter functionality to the transaction view as well as additional information to that part of the report. Also, the export option is now on all three pages of the report.
  • Are you speaking another language? The ACH Return report showed a return code but there was nothing explaining the actual return reason. A new column has been added to the report with this information.
  • You get a copy and you get a copy… we are starting to make some progress on adding print buttons to the pages within MX Merchant. With that being said, our first guinea pig page was the Batch Detail. When you click on Batches and view the summary and transactions within the batch you can click the print icon in the upper right and save as many copies as you’d like. We are combing through the site to provide this feature throughout so stay tuned!
  • Click, click, click. We hate jumping from page to page just as much as you do, so we added the payment detail pop up on the User report page so you don’t have to jump around to find more information.

MX Merchant™ What’s Fixed

  • I see what you did there. Selecting Add Payment and adding partial payment results in multiple QP pop-ups.
  • I know I just saw it. Collection discounts disappeared from a saved recurring plan
  • Link2pay had a rough week and took it out on our users. It wasn’t working on Internet Explorer, redirecting to success and failure URLs gave an error, receipt page was timing out, and the notifications for payments made on the links weren’t being sent. All of which have been resolved.
  • That’s frustrating. User limits not being saved were causing issues with processing payments.

MX Retail™ iOS What’s New

  • Pick up where you left off. Now you can create and save an order on and then hop on your iPad to add payments or add fulfillment/shipments.
  • No more finger hunting. You can now scan a discount barcode associated and have it automatically added to the cart without having to select it from the discount page.
  • Put that scanner to work. Search for a customer or order even quicker using the payment reference number found on the bottom of the receipt (you can scan the receipt barcode to find it too!)
  • Version numbers now match! We’ve made it even easier to update to the newest version with a pop-up, so no more searching!

MX Retail™ iOS What’s Fixed

  • Earth to AirPrint, do you read me AirPrint? Airprint issues with wifi connected printers.
  • You better now? Partial payments were being temperamental but they have gotten it under control now.

MX Express™ iOS What’s New

  • Version numbers have been updated in the support section and we have made it easier to stay up to date on the most recent releases. You will see a pop-up notification to help you download the latest version of the app without having to search around.

Don’t see an enhancement you have been waiting on? Make sure to checkout the ideas portal for MX Merchant. Go to and check out other ideas, vote and look at our roadmap for what is scheduled to come!

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