Adcap Is No Longer a Reseller of Information Technology Products

Christine Versluis - CEO

Guest post from Christine Versluis:

Adcap is no longer a reseller of IT Products!

Why do I say that?

Let me start with an analogy. When I was in the elevator industry, I worked with a lot of construction companies. Are construction companies called resellers? They could be. They buy pre-fabricated and pre-formed metal, glass, wood, stone, and plastic components, mark them up, and resell them to their customer.

Of course they install the products they resell and they produce a visible end product. But they define themselves by what they produce, not by their activity of reselling raw materials. They are construction companies.

If a construction company resold their materials without assessment, design, installation, project management, and support, they would be known as a building supply company. The quality of the pre-fabricated materials in the construction industry is an important part of the building process, and the materials account for the majority of the cost in the project, but construction companies are not resellers.

If Adcap just resold information technology systems without assessment, design, project management, installation or support, we would be just a reseller. We would not even be a very good reseller. We don’t have an online catalog, we don’t stock products, and we don’t provide tracking information for every shipment.

CDW is an excellent reseller, a leader in the industry. So are Insight, Tiger Direct, and NewEgg. Amazon is an excellent reseller. Anyone who wants to buy information technology hardware can go to the websites of those companies, compare prices, place an order with a credit card, and have the product shipped with next day service. Adcap does not do that, because that is not where our value is.

We also don’t buy, stock, and resell used information technology equipment. There are companies that do that as well, and if people want to buy out of date equipment and put it in place themselves, there are many companies ready and willing to supply them the used gear.

We are not even a Value Added Reseller, even though that is how the Information Technology industry likes to describe companies that resell and install servers and networks. Adcap is not defined by the products we resell, but by the complete technology based solutions we integrate into our customers’ existing working environment.

Adcap Network Systems is a customer focused, complex information technology solutions company. The systems that we design, deploy, and support provide solutions to problems that our customers need to address. Our value is in our engineering and project management. Our reputation is based on our expertise and the success of our deployments. Our customers are happy when we solve their problems in a rapid, pleasant, and cost effective manner.

Adcap Network Systems is an Information Technology Solutions Provider.

We work closely with our customers and vendors, and over time we have created well-honed combinations of products and services that we integrate and support into our customers existing operations. We call these systems Adcap Technology Solution Stacks (see link for more complete explanation).

  • Complete Data Network Systems
  • Enterprise Communications Systems
  • Video Education Systems
  • Computing Infrastructure

So to repeat, Adcap is no longer a reseller of Information Technology Products.

Adcap Network Systems is a customer focused, Information Technology Solutions Provider. We design, deploy, and support technology systems that enable our customers to operate more effectively and reliably. A reseller just can’t do what we do.

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