Customer Focused Technology Solution Stacks from Your IT Solutions Expert


It used to be so easy to tell people what we did. Cisco made switches and routers, and that’s what our customers purchased and installed. So we called ourselves a Cisco reseller. Then Cisco added wireless, security, and voice systems, and we called ourselves a Value Added Reseller. Fast forward a decade, and neither of those terms describe what we do anymore.

Being a reseller or even a value added reseller is no longer good enough. Over the last decade, our engineers have been designing, building, installing, testing, tweaking, improving, and supporting complex systems of hardware and software into well-tuned systems.

A better description of Adcap Network Systems is a customer focused Information Technology Solutions Provider. The systems we deploy at our customers we call Adcap Technology Solution Stacks. These combinations of hardware and software address specific operations needs of our customers.

The common thread running through these stacks is that they address the real technology operational needs of our customers. Adcap places the customer requirements first in our development. Our account team develops a close working relationship with our customers and brings their issues, concerns, and desires back to our engineers.

Our engineers are really good at designing, deploying, and supporting these systems. We are always talking to customers about what they need, talking to Cisco Systems and our other vendors about the products they are developing, and staying up to date on how the industry, technology, and products are changing. We modify our Technology Solution Stacks over time, and create new ones as well.

Adcap Network Systems Technology Solution Stacks:

  • Complete Data Network Systems
  • Enterprise Communications Systems
  • Video Education Systems
  • Computing Infrastructure

What’s so good about these stacks? We design them from the beginning to be the type of system we would want our best friend or family member to buy. They work well and address real operational needs. They can be upgraded or expanded in the future as requirements change. They are designed to have minimal points of failure. There is no extra complexity involved, and are installed based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, so they can be supported by other people.

We can’t just ship these stacks to you and have them work. They need to be deployed and integrated into a currently working environment. If we replace your phone system, your users should be able to know the system is going to work and have everything set up before they switch over to the new system. If we set up a new server, storage, and disaster recovery system, it needs to be tested and work well before we are done. Our engineers and project managers have the experience to do this properly.

Adcap Professional Services Elements of the Technology Solution Stacks:

  • Assessment
  • Recommendations
  • Design
  • Financing
  • Project Management
  • Procurement
  • Deployment
  • Support from Adcap PremierNet

Part of Adcap’s advantage is our ability to rapidly bring current technology into operation. For example, we started deploying business VoIP phone systems using the money saving SIP technology at our customers in 2006. It requires the ability to rapidly learn, test new configurations in our development lab, and figure out the benefits and drawbacks to the new technology, but in most cases it is well worth doing.

Product Elements of the Technology Solution Stacks:

  • Cisco network switches, routers, wireless, security.
  • Servers, storage, hypervisors, operating systems from multiple manufacturers.
  • Cisco voice and video infrastructure hardware, software, and endpoints.
  • Circuits for Internet, voice, private wide area networks.
  • Cloud Application Services for voice, video, network, security, computing.

Many times our customers need just a portion of the stack, and we are of course able to address that requirement as well. Sometimes another organization has done an incomplete deployment of a similar system. We are happy to help bring it up to the level that an Adcap system has.

Adcap focuses on specific sizes and types of customers. Our Technology Solution Stacks are optimized for mid-size organizations. We have many customers of the following types:

  • Higher Education Institutions
  • Hospitals
  • State and Local Government
  • Business Services
  • K-12 School Districts
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Professional Service Organizations

The Adcap Technology Solution Stacks are created, developed, tested and optimized by our experienced and industry leading engineers and focused on addressing real customer needs. Our account services teams work closely with our customers to identify those needs and show how these solutions will make substantial and noticeable operational improvements.

So don’t call us a reseller or a Value Added Reseller. Adcap Network Systems is an Information Technology Solutions Provider. We design, deploy, and support Technology Solutions Stacks that enable our customers to operate more effectively and reliably. This is our true value.

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