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Welcome to Deflect Protocol

Welcome to reverse engineered defi and sustainability, legitimized anonymity, unlimited scalability and unlimited funding potential. Welcome to the DEFLECT ecosystem.

DEFLECT Protocol ($DEFLCT) is an Ethereum token that improves on the many innovations of DeFi as a whole. These improvements consist of upgraded tokenomics via an increased token burn rate, liquidity locking to prevent “rug pulls” which increases the decentralization value, and also provides utility functionality for external tokens inside of the DEFLECT ecosystem.

What is Deflect ?

Deflect Protocol is an industry-first solution that brings unlimited scalability, funding potential, and gas-less redistribution of tokens, all under one platform.

Deflect enables DeFi startups with white-label solutions and a launchpad for custom tailored smart-contracts with tokenomics functionality around liquidity provision, yield farming, and compounding interest-based lock-ups.

Deflect serves as an Integration Platform and Launchpad that provides solidity expertise, smart-contract-oriented tokenomics, as well as ecosystem mechanics advisory, ecosystem maintenance, and support to third projects.

The Ecosystem Smart-Contract support empowers initiatives with building projects with their own native smart-contract ecosystems while providing a LGE Platform For new projects as a fair-launch program that also gives sub-Ethereum DeFi communities a safer alternative to Pre-Sale mechanisms.

The ecosystem is fueled by the DEFLECT token, a truly native inversed fraction reserve-based medium of exchange and store of value.

Deflect provides Liquidity platform for external projects & also offers them a fair launch launch-pad and Tokenomics/ecosystem support. And Smart-Contract building/deployment for external projects. It’s a DeFi Hybrid of all the best bits of defi. Everything is open source in the code

This is DEFLECT.

Unlimited scalability.

Unlimited funding potential.

Gasless redistribution.

Rewards to network holders direct to their wallets without claiming or staking. Truly a natively inversed fractional reserve based medium of exchange and store of value that this platform and protocol is built on top of.

The Deflect in your wallet compounds gas-less and frictionless interest on every transaction, so your wallet increases in supply whilst the supply around your wallet is Decreasing. Whilst with your bank, the money in your wallet stays the same, but the supply around your wallet is increasing. Making your money less valuable. See the Difference?

All with ZERO selling pressure.

All within the DEFLECT ecosystem.

See DeFi through the prism of integrations.

DEFLECT Tokenomics

Total circulating supply (max): 500,000

Symbol: $DEFLCT

Contract address: 0x3aa5f749d4a6bcf67dac1091ceb69d1f5d86fa53

Total Fees: 2.5% (Breakdown Below)

Transaction fee: 1.5% (automatically distributed to holders) + 0.25% developer treasury fund

Token burn: 0.75% of every transaction will be used to burn $DEFLCT

Supply distribution:

DEFLECT/ETH LP yield farm rewards emission of 50,000 $DEFLCT (10%)

DEFLECT/RFI LP yield farm rewards emission of 50,000 $DEFLCT (10%)

RFI/ETH LP yield farm rewards emission of 25,000 $DEFLCT (5%)

Starting liquidity to pair to the total ETH raised from LGE: 300,000 $DEFLCT

Liquidity Generation Event bonuses to participants of the LGE: 50,000 $DEFLCT (10%)

Developer Fund: 5% (25,000 $DEFLCT)

How Does it Work?

$DEFLCT works by redistributing 1.5% of every transaction to existing $DEFLCT holders instantly, and automatically, after each transaction, with no action or GAS spending required by holders. This means holders gain value by way of additional tokens with each transaction conducted. In addition, an innovative deflationary function has been added where 0.75% of every transaction is burned, removed from supply forever. Finally, to assure confidence from the community on future development of the project, a nominal 0.25% of transactions goes towards a development treasury fund. The percentage of fees you earn is calculated by the percentage of $DEFLCT that you own compared to all other holders. This results in a much higher than normal yields for holders for simply owning $DEFLCT tokens. As an added bonus, holders receive lucrative multiplier bonuses in staking pools in the Deflect ecosystem.

$DEFLECT Deflationary Features

We sought to fix the one perceived negative within the RFI’s ecosystem, (The Black-Hole Eating away at everyone else’s share of the redistribution yield. By DEFLECT providing a native deflationary measure. DEFLECT compounds this concept by taking an even more aggressive deflationary approach. This is where the 0.75% of each transaction is burned comes into play. Thus as supply dwindles at an increasing rate from ecosystem and community growth, prices can rise as tokens become more scarce over time.

$DEFLECT Utility

The value DEFLECT aims to bring to the ecosystem is, simply put: utility. By adding LP staking and multipliers, we are offering true utility to the token and functional purpose to Reflect fork tokens.

Though, naturally, Reflect (RFI, contract address: 0xa1afffe3f4d611d252010e3eaf6f4d77088b0cd7) itself will be utilized in the Deflect ecosystem, we will also add additional external tokens to diversify our treasury for future strategies such as index funds, hedge funds, DEX, and borrowing/lending solutions with our innovative multiplier contracts on top to increase your risk/reward ratio and spend to leverage.

LP Staking pools: Earn returns from a variety of strategies and yields by farming DEFLECT with DEFLECT/ETH LP or DEFLECT/RFI LP.

You can spend RFI, LINK, SNX, DARK, DAI & WBTC tokens to get pool boosts to get up to 2x your yield. This means you can spend small amounts to get even more $DEFLCT through multipliers and bonuses.

$DEFLCT The Global Multiplier

Hold $DEFLCT to get a global multiplier on all pools you are farming in the ecosystem. What this means is that by holding $DEFLCT in your ETH address, or $DEFLCT locked up in LPs you control in your ETH address, you receive higher reward emissions. You can receive up to a 120% bonus on your stake by combining global multipliers and spendable boosts on pools!

The breakdown of these bonuses are as follows:

  • Hold 25–125 DEFLECT for 2% Global Boost on all pools
  • Hold 125–250 DEFLECT for 10% Global boost on all pools
  • Hold 250–500 DEFLECT for 30% Global Boost on all pools
  • Hold 500+ DEFLECT for 60% Global Boost on all pools

SPEND RFI, STGZ, or DFLY to get up to 60% boost on individual pools

  • SPEND X RFI, SNX, LINK, DARK, DAI etc for 5% boost
  • SPEND X RFI, SNX, LINK, DARK, DAI etc for 10% Boost
  • SPEND X RFI, SNX, LINK, DARK, DAI etc for 20% Boost
  • SPEND X RFI, SNX, LINK, DARK, DAI etc for 30% boost
  • SPEND X RFI, SNX, LINK, DARK, DAI etc for 40% Boost
  • SPEND X RFI, SNX, LINK, DARK, DAI etc for 50% Boost

A True Fair Launch

DEFLECT Protocol believes in a completely fair launch. This means no private presales, no VC’s, and no ICO. Everyone has a fair chance to get tokens both during and after liquidity has been added to Uniswap and can buy without fear.

1. No VC’s

2. No private presale

3. No ICO

Liquidity Generation Event (LGE)


Liquidity Generation Event Bonus: 50,000 $DEFLCT

Funds generated from the LGE will be used to provide liquidity for the project with 10% of funds going to further develop the project and fund necessary components such as marketing. Depositors of the LGE will receive a proportion of the funds from the LGE Bonus of $DEFLCT as an incentive to provide liquidity based on the total amount provided by the user compared to the total amount contributed by all users. For example, if someone were to provide 100% of the liquidity they would receive 100% of the tokens in the pool. Liquidity provided by LGE depositors will be locked permanently.

How to Participate in the Staking Pools

After the liquidity generation event, two staking pools will be opened up to the public. These pools will be the prior mentioned DEFLECT/ETH LP and DEFLECT/RFI LP pools. By providing either or LPs into the pools, you will be providing liquidity and gain the ability to earn rewards, multipliers, and bonuses.

For example, if you have 100 ETH or RFI total that you want to stake, you would buy 50 ETH or RFI worth of $DEFLCT and then add liquidity on Uniswap with the resulting ETH/$DEFLCT LP or RFI/DEFLCT LP.

Here are the steps required to participate:

  1. Buy $DEFLCT tokens: TBA

2. Provide Liquidity here: TBA

3. Stake your liquidity tokens here: TBA

Learn More & Join our Community!



Prism Network is an industry-first solution that brings multi-network scalability, funding potential, and gas-less redistribution of tokens, all under one platform via the PRISM of Integrations.

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