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[Mobile Guide] Live Streaming using DSLR in PRISM Android app

Hello everyone! This is software engineer J at PRISM Live Studio, the No.1 Global Live Streaming App.

Today we will be looking through Android’s DSLR-linked broadcasts that will be added in v2.0.0.

Ever since our app has been launched, many users have suggested and requested live broadcasting function linked with DSLR. In fact, this function was a long time assignment for us as well.

In the meantime, we released the live function linked with external camera in v1.9.0 version and went through the middle stages of developing the function of live streaming with DSLR. Since then, through numerous trials, we have been able to formally release of this feature in v2.0.0. Unfortunately, there exist various restrictions that could cause inconvenience in actual use, and I would like to share this information along with the introduction of this function.

Recently, smartphone cameras have evolved dramatically in great depth. Nevertheless, DSLR has their own area because of its unique ambiance and vibes. Due to these reasons, a lot of people prefer using DSLR cameras for live broadcasting on YouTube and Twitch, and many people are already streaming using DSLR through PC.

However, it was difficult to live broadcast using the same configuration by smartphones. But, the desire to combine the convenience of the smartphone and the vibes of DSLR has grown, and with that in mind, we also prepared to support live broadcasting function with DSLR on our app.

Smartphones can receive videos from external devices that comply with the UVC(USB Video Class) standard through the USB port. So we released v1.9.0 with the support of external USB external cameras.

Normally, outputs of video from DSLR are in HDMI format. This output HDMI is applied to the USB camera specification that we have already released, completing the live broadcasting function using DSLR. However, in order to convert HDMI video to UVC standard, you need a third-party HDMI to UVC converter, not a prism app.

We have walked the path to provide more convenient and extended usability, and have worked in many ways to solve the problems we faced, but unfortunately released this feature with the following constraints and would like to guide you through the details.

★ Android 10 is not available with live streaming using DSLR

In Android 10, in addition to DSLR-linked live streaming, the USB camera function that was added in v1.9.0 is not supported. To work with USB cameras, the Prism Android app supports USB cameras (common webcams) that comply with the UVC (USB Video Class) standard.

However, Android 10 no longer supports the UVC standard, which is due to a policy issue between the device manufacturer and Google which is providing the Android OS. If this issue is smoothly resolved, we expect Android 10 to support DSLR well.

★ Android 9 is not available with live streaming using DSLR

You need and HDMI to UVC converter to convert the HDMI output from the DSLR to a UVC format to import it into your smartphone. However, the combination of the Android 9 OS and our UVC library does not normally support converters that provide this feature.

We could have made an improvement to the UVC library to support this feature, but it was time-consuming and resource-intensive. And for now, we thought it was the right direction to use this time and resources to create the features that more users needed.

★ In Android 8 or below, live streaming using DSLR is available. However, there are limitations of HDMI to UVC converter

As mentioned, in order to link DSLR to the smartphone, you need an HDMI to UVC converter that converts the HDMI output from the DSLR into a UVC format that your smartphone can receive

HDMI to UVC converters are available in the market without difficulty, and our Prism app is guaranteed to work with VER110 from EverMedia, Taiwan.

ER110 from EverMedia, Taiwan.

As such, live broadcasting function integrated with DSLR in the Prism android app is limited depending on the environment. Through this post, we would like to apologize once again for the many users who have been waiting for this feature.

However, if you are using the Android 5 ~ 8 version, you can use the HDMI to UVC converter guided above in order to use the live broadcasting function with DSLR. We will always work to provide better and more stable functions in the future.

Thank you for all the love and interest this year, and I wish all the creators of the Prism Live Studio to have a happy Christmas and a warm New Year.



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