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[Mobile Guide] ON/OFF Menu : Flashlight, Microphone, Camera, Auto Save — PRISM Live Studio

Hello everyone, it’s PRISM Live Studio, a global video broadcasting tool.

Mobile PRISM Live Studio has three different modes, LIVE, VIDEO, and PHOTO. And you can see that the menus at the bottom bar change as you switch to each mode. Since the features we use the most vary depending on the mode, we provide optimized UI for each mode.

But be that as it may, you can also see that the menu from the upper left corner doesn’t change. It stays the same in every mode because that’s the same feature commonly used in all three modes. The button in the middle is for switching between the front and rear camera, and on the edge is a shortcut menu for quick settings.

Simple How to Use

1. Tap … at the upper left corner.

2. When the menu is open, tap to ON / OFF the features you want.

It’s so simple that the attached pictures seem redundant, even too much, but at least the cat is cute, isn’t she? Anyhow, along with the simple description of how to use, I’m going to recommend you some of the insights of what features you should activate, and what not.

Possible On/Off features in LIVE mode are [Flash / Mic / Camera / Save Live]

Mic and Camera come in handy a lot in live streaming.

Oftentimes an unexpected situation could happen in outdoor broadcasting. This case, you can prevent an unnecessary event from going live by quickly turning off Mic and Camera features.

Did you ever want to send only the sound from your mobile device when using PRISM Live Studio’s Screencast feature? When you disable the Mic, you can send out only the game sound clearly, without disturbed by any external noise.

Possible On/Off features in VIDEO mode are [Flash / Mic / Save Video]

Mic On/Off feature is very useful in VIDEO mode.

If the noise from your surroundings is too loud and you don’t want it to be in your video, simply turn off Mic. Of course, even if you mistakenly forgot about turning off the Mic and you found out later that the video is contaminated with unwanted sound, you can still easily edit out the noise and cover it with beautiful music on PRISM Live Studio.

Possible On/Off features in PHOTO mode are [Flash / Save Photo]

Always keeping Save Photo on is highly recommended.

Because, unlike videos, photos don’t take much capacity anyway. And since you can’t load previously taken pictures, it’s usually better to save them on the spot. Of course, even if the auto save is off, the save button will always be displayed at the end; you might as well save it then too.

Wish you have a great time with PRISM Live Studio.

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