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[Mobile Guide] URL sharing for unlisted YouTube videos


This is editor M with Global Live Streaming app, PRISM Live Studio

As of many user’s requests,

Today I would like to introduce one of our functions in our app, URL sharing for unlisted youtube videos

(You can copy and use the link for ‘public’ YouTube videos as well)

YouTube currently provides the ‘unlisted’ feature that allows only users with specific URL to watch the video in privacy settings.

Without going through the PC to enable this feature, PRISM Live Studio not only allows you to set this thoroughly through the app but also allows you to share URLs.

Then let’s take a quick look at how to enable this feature

1. Setting YouTube unlisted video feature

Live > YouTube icon > Unlisted

2. Copying YouTube unlisted video url

Live > Sharing icon > Copy url

You can share the URL before you start streaming live simply by copying the link and sharing it with users.

This can also be directly shared via Facebook and Twitter.

There are 2 ways to share this URL

  1. Sharing URL before live streaming

This can be easily done through the process explained above


2. Sharing URL while live streaming

Setting > Enable ‘Allow display above other apps’

In order to share the Url during live streaming, this can be done through enabling the ‘Allow display above other apps’ function and sharing the copied Url to various SNS apps

(This feature is currently only available on Android)

As our app is being updated day by day, I will be shortly back with some more interesting features

I hope you have a wonderful day!

— Editor M



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