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[Mobile Update] Update v1.9.0 Preview

Hey there! Editor B here with PRISM Live Studio, the global live streaming app.

Now, let’s go over the updates that will take place on October 30th, 2019. Please note that the date is subject to change.

1. External Camera

A USB Video Class (UVC) refers to a type of cameras that is automatically run without a driver installation when connected to a USB via type-C or 5 pin connector. The v1.9.0 update of PRISM mobile app will enable UVC devices to be connected as an external device.

However, please note only Androids support external cameras and supporting DSLR cameras will be later included in the v2.0.0 update, which scheduled for release in mid-December.

USB vs. Type C vs. 5 Pin Cameras

2. External Microphone

At times, there may be issues with hearing the streamer’s voice during mobile live streams due to the distance between the device and the streamer. In addition, the built-in mics may not perform at the desired standard of quality.

To compensate for these issues, the latest update supports external microphones. From now on, you can enjoy live streaming with an external microphone!

USB Pin Mic & Type C vs. 3.5 mm Jack Pin Mic

3. Music Preview Feature

Enjoying all of the free music options on PRISM but it’s taking up too much of your time? We hear you. While there are so many music options available, it can be difficult to sift through all of the choices.

Now enjoy a new tab which includes all of the most popular music in a single tab. What is more, each song can now be previewed at its highlights of 15, 30, and 60 seconds to help you sort through the options faster.

4. Unlimited Time on Filming and Editing Videos

Previously, the time limit on a video for editing or filming was set to ten minutes max. With this update however, there will no longer be any limitations on time for editing and filming videos. Please note however, that if a video for editing is extremely long, the encoding time may take up additional time.

5. Simplified Onboarding

In order to login to the PRISM Live Studio app, there is a “Get started” button before getting to the screen to actually login. From now on, a simplified onboarding UI will allow users to login without the extra hassle.

That’s it for today! Thanks so much for all of your continued interest in PRISM Live Studio.

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