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Hi, this is the PRISM Live Studio team.

We would like to inform you that we are preparing a B2B product so that you can utilize the PRISM Live Studio mobile app in corporate services.

PRISM Live Studio mobile app B2B product
Scheduled for release in December 2023

We will briefly explain the contents in the table of contents: background, plan, significance, and request.


PRISM Live Studio mobile app, which was first released as a beta version in November 2017, followed by a full version in 2019, has grown steadily thanks to your support and feedback, and has now become the most prominent live streaming app widely used in over 200 countries around the world.

During the time we have been developing and operating the app, we have received partnership requests from many companies and organizations around the world, mainly for proposals to integrate the PRISM app as a native streaming tool into their live platforms.

On the other hand, we have been focusing on improving the app’s functionality, performance, and stability, so we regret not being able to actively respond to such partnership requests.

However, we are now confident that the PRISM app is of sufficient quality to help your corporate business. Accordingly, we plan to launch its B2B product in December this year so that you can utilize the PRISM mobile app for your business through the NAVER Cloud Platform.


It was in March of this year that we first discussed offering the PRISM mobile app as a B2B product. And in May, we quickly decided whether to officially launch the B2B product and are currently preparing for commercialization.

And this December, you will be able to see the PRISM Live Studio mobile B2B product in the Media category in the service list of NAVER Cloud Platform.

This product will be provided separately from the Live Station product that has already been provided, but we are considering so that you can have more advantages if you use them together.


When you integrate the PRISM Live Studio mobile app into your live service, you get the following advantages over preparing your own mobile streaming app:

• Ease of implementation

App development requires a lot of money and resources. Instead of developing the app yourself, you only need to develop the connection between your live service and the PRISM app.

​• Ease of responding to change

​You do not have to keep up with and respond to changes in the Android and iOS platform operating systems that are updated every year. Additionally, there is no need to respond to new devices or changes in the network environment.

​• Continued addition of features

​The PRISM app is quickly detecting the features the market wants and adding them to the app. The PRISM app responds to users’ requests for new trends and features.

• Support for operational issues

​In a mobile environment, situations arise where live streaming cannot operate normally due to a variety of reasons. The PRISM app also handles these difficulties.

• Ultimately, cost reduction

​If we were to summarize the above advantages in one expression, it would be cost reduction. By utilizing the PRISM app, your corporate services can maximize user satisfaction while minimizing costs.

It also has the following advantages compared to manually using the PRISM app on the app market through the CustomRTMP function.

• Aspects of app functionality support

When using the PRISM app in that way, there are many inconveniences, such as users having to manually set RTMP information. By utilizing the PRISM app product, your service users can receive support for a variety of functions, including automated account integration and the ability to receive chat and status information from viewers.

​• Aspect of management tool support

The PRISM app service provides various statistical information about streams to your live service.

​​• Aspect of service operation support

The PRISM team supports responses such as analyzing and taking action on problems that occur while your users are using the PRISM app.


​Currently, our PRISM team is in the process of planning and implementing B2B products for the PRISM mobile app together with the NAVER CLOUD team, and we are striving to provide products that accurately meet market requirements. Therefore, we would like to hear and refer to opinions from as many corporate services as possible during the product development period.

If you have any opinions on the B2B products we are preparing or are interested in using the products, please contact us at any time at our email address: prismlive@navercorp.com.

We sincerely look forward to your participation. Thank you.



PRISM Live Studio. Official
PRISM Live Studio

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