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[PC Guide] Notice about duplicate update phenomenon

Hey everyone!

This is PRISM Live Studio team :)

‘Even after updating Prism to the latest version, the update window pops up every time you run it and asks you to update. What should I do?’ —we're getting a lot of inquiries like this these days.

Today, we will guide you through what caused the problem and how to fix it.​

The cause of the problem is that the prism was repeatedly installed in two paths. This problem may occur in the following 2 situations.

1. Install Prism from two Windows accounts on one PC.

2. Copy the prism installation folder to another path, and the installation folder exists in each of the two paths.

In this case, if the location of the shortcut and the actual installation location are different, the prism in the actual installation location will be reinstalled even though the update is performed by opening the prism through the shortcut. The prism in the shortcut is still out of date. Because of this, the next time Prism is opened through a shortcut, it is still in need of an update.​

If you are experiencing this problem, you can solve it by uninstalling the PC version of Prism and reinstalling it. The specific method is as follows:​

STEP 1: Please uninstall the PRISM Live Studio app as shown in the image below.(For reference, the search phrase to use in step 4 is PrismLiveStudio_Uninstall.exe.)

STEP 2: After uninstalling the app, please check if the uninstallation is successful. Please refer to the picture below for the confirmation method. click ''Open File Location'button, If the ‘Problem with Shortcut’ window appears, the uninstallation was successful.

STEP 3: Download the latest version again from the official website.

Prism Live Studio:

we apologize for any inconvenience caused by using the app.





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