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[PC Update] v2.1.2 Update Preview

Hey everyone! This is PRISM Live Studio team :)

Today, let’s take a quick peek at the PC v 2.1.2 update.

PRISM PC v2.1.2 update

scheduled for July 28, 2020

In this v2.1.2 update, there are a lot of easy-to-use features.

• Supports NAVER TV 1080p/60fps

• Improved performance of Beauty Effects

• Supports 4K monitors

• Addition of Mute/Unmute for all audio channels

• Reset Preferences

• Various bug fixes and improved performance

​Let’s take a closer look at these contents: D

★ Supports NAVER TV 1080p/60fps

In the meantime, there were many users who were unable to use Naver TV 1080p/60fps and felt uncomfortable.
In this version, we have supported this feature and try streaming in high resolution with the Naver TV platform!
The specific setting method is as follows:

★ Improved performance of Beauty Effects

In the previous beta version, if the beauty function is applied to a low-end computer, it tends to consume a lot of computer CPU/GPU resources. In this version, we optimized the beauty function and made it lighter so that it can be used even in general PC specifications..

★ Supports 4K monitors

It now also supports the display of high resolution monitors (2K, 4K).
(Redefine the display magnification on a high resolution monitor (2K, 4K).)

★ Addition of Mute/Unmute for all audio channels

You can Unmute/Mute the audio being output right away with one button. If the streamer does not want to output all current sounds to the viewer during a live broadcast, there is no need to mute each audio source in the mixer area, live Unmute/Mute is possible through this button.

Mute Status(All currently output audio and monitoring audio will be muted.)

★ Reset Preferences

The Reset Preferences button is located at the bottom of the Settings window. If you select [Yes] in the confirm window, all values in the environment settings are changed to the default values. Please note that the existing setting values cannot be restored after operation.

★ Various bug fixes and improved performance

The Prism App is updating new and diverse features quickly and continuously, and since the release of the app, it always monitors users’ usage status, performance and stability, and reflects improvements related to the next update.

I hope you look forward to our newly updated PRISM Live Studio app :D

Have a nice day!

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