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[PC Update] v2.5.0 Update Preview

Hey everyone! This is PRISM Live Studio team :)

Today, let’s take a quick peek at the PC v 2.5.0 update.

(Please note that the schedules are subject to change.)

Updates for PRISM v.2.5.0

1) New virtual backgrounds

2) Mobile camera connection via PC

3) Add background images as source

4) Add audio visualizers as source

5) Added Noise Suppression function

Let me introduce you to the above features in more detail :D

★ New virtual backgrounds

You can apply a virtual background to your webcam source without chroma keying.

Create various screens for your stream by applying a virtual background.

After adding the webcam/video capture device, you can open the virtual background window via the virtual background button in the properties pop-up.

Alternatively, you can open the virtual background window through the virtual background button in the sidebar and select a webcam/video capture device to use it.

Various background images are provided in the PRISM and FREE tabs of the virtual background window, so you can choose and use them comfortably!

For reference, you can also add images and videos directly from the MY tab!

Background template sources have also been added from the source list.

You can add a variety of motion-applied images as background image sources.

★Mobile camera connection via PC

You can now use the PRISM mobile app as a webcam source for your PC.​

Recognize the QR code and connect easily via WiFi connection.

You can check the detailed linking method through the ‘Connect PRISM (mobile) to PC’ button on the sidebar.

★ Add audio visualizers as source

Audio visualizer sources designed in PRISM style can be added.

★ Added Noise Suppression function

You can easily eliminate noise by turning the noise suppression button On/Off on the audio mixer.

Today, we have provided news and guidance for the PC v2.5.0 app.

Thank you :-)

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