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[PRISM Guide #12] YouTube Live Broadcast Notification Policy

Hello everyone!

This is Editor B with the global live streaming app, PRISM Live Studio.

YouTube Live Broadcast Notification Policy

YouTube has a notification feature to notify the subscribers once a live broadcasting starts. This feature allows audiences to engage quickly even during unscheduled broadcasts.

However, take note that not all subscribed channels notify users when going live. YouTube is keenly aware that too many notifications can be a cause for users to unsubscribe from the channel. Therefore, YouTube placed a policy limiting each channel to send a maximum of three notifications per day.

A maximum of three notifications per day means that the fourth live broadcast will not send out a notification. Instead, you would have to wait for the count to reset the following day. Although YouTube does not specifically define in their guidelines when the count resets, we have come to expect that the count is reset at 4PM.

The notification limitation policy is also applied while going live on YouTube via PRISM. Therefore, even if you go live while using two different apps alternately, the count on the notification policy applies. For instance, if you go live twice on YouTube, once on PRISM, the next broadcast will not send out any notifications, regardless of the app you choose to use.

In addition, you can now turn notifications on/off for each channel you subscribe to in Settings. Subscribers may have previously stated that they did not receive notifications for your broadcast; note that this may have been due to their disabled notifications in settings.

YouTube Notification Settings

In this post, we’ve covered the details of the YouTube Notification Policy. On a final note, please note that if you have disabled notifications from your mobile settings, you may not receive notifications from the YouTube app at all!

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