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[PRISM Guide #7] Update v1.8.0 — Connect to afreecaTV

Hi everyone! This is Editor B from PRISM Live Studio, a global live streaming app.

v1.8.0 Login-based Channel Connect to afreecaTV

Previous posts explained how to link the PRISM channel with other platforms through RTMP URL and login.

Before this update, RTMP URL was the only option to connect to the platform for afreecaTV. However, the latest version of PRISM supports login-based connection to afreecaTV as well as its auto chat feature.

Click here for more information on platform connection via RTMP URL.

Connecting to afreecaTV and PRISM via log-in is simple.

  1. Click “+” to select a channel before going LIVE.
  2. Connect to afreecaTV
  3. Enter your Username and Password to log in

Thus covered how to connect to afreecaTV via log-in method. Enjoy your multicasting experience on PRISM Live Studio, a process that continues to evolve and simplify for your improved user experience.

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