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A Loving Catholic Priest, a Lesbian Love Story, a Meth-Fueled Gay …

A week of Prism & Pen — January 16, 2022

by James Finn

A loving Catholic priest, two foul Catholic bishops, a lesbian love story, a meth-fueled gay memoir, a gay triad, a trans woman discovering truth through porn, and … whew! That’s just scratching the surface of P&P this week!

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Editor’s Picks —

LGBTQ Catholic Priest Who Rescues Homeless Youth Rebukes Bishop

James Finn

When Fr. Andy learned a Catholic bishop effectively kicked most LGBTQ people out of the Church, he began a correspondence that produced this fiery testament to love. Whatever you think about faith, this may move you to tears. (And you aren’t misreading. A Catholic priest really warned a bishop he’s likely hellbound.)

Do you really think Jesus is sitting at the prosecutors’ table or even behind the bench as the judge, and wants to forgive you for stuff that, even to a nitpicker, isn’t worth being denied 10 nanoseconds of eternity?

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Tinder for the Quiet Lesbian

Amanda Laughtland

Amanda says the lesbian dating pool is so small she almost gave up. Then she plunged into “Tinder for the shy.”

I matched with several women and messaged with a few. I ended up making two friends — we still follow each other on social media and text back and forth. I only met one woman in person, and after dating for several months …

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The Mystery of Trans-Sexuality

Stephanie Moga

Stephanie says transgender porn helped her connect to her true self.

You might find this confession appalling. I could never say anything about that to anyone. It was too shameful, too entirely out there. The truth is, at the time there was no transgender community, there was no representation. The only way to connect to my identity was through the exploitation of it.

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Memoir —

Slammed: a Memoir

John Cormier

John’s memoir grows darker, sexier, and scarier. If you read the prologue, you know tragedy’s coming, but I bet you still grip your chair hoping.

Before Meth: Learning about Gay Sex and the “Plumbing” Problem

Hooking Up with Three Guys, Smoking Meth, and a F*ck Deferred

Essays and Creative Nonfiction —

Why I Ration the Trans Tragedy Porn I Produce Now

Logan Silkwood

It is very rare to see a version of my story where someone like me wants to be seen as a man and is happy with the end result of this for its own sake as an affirmation.

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My Two First Lovers — The Birth And Death of A Committed Triad

The Wordsmith™🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸

There was uncertainty in his hazel eyes while pleasurable surprise wrapped itself around his lips pushing them into a rakish grin. He looked at me, longingly, I thought, then again disappeared down the hall.

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Titane — Is It Transphobic?

Mrs. Capricious

My trans fiancée and I already had our hackles rise with the idea a serial killer was posing as the opposite gender to avoid capture. Then we saw an aging macho man with a heavily bruised ass cheek being stabbed again with a testosterone shot.

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LGBTQ Student in Upstate NY Faces Blatant Discrimination

Meagon Nolasco

The principal of Tully High School told Tyler a district policy didn’t allow the newsletter to mention sexuality or orientation. Not only was this district policy found to be a lie, but a policy like that would be illegal.

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Generally Questioning My Trans Reasoning

Emma Holiday

What am I seeking to gain from physically transitioning?

Why can’t I find contentment in who I am now with all that I have learned about me?

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From Unicorns to Porn Trauma Before my Morning Coffee


When I was 10 years old, the live-in sperm donor got a computer. The Apple IIc can be found in the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, NSW, Australia. The computer I used as a kid and well into my twenties is in a freakin’ museum!

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UK Government Appoints Problematic Barrister to Human Rights Committee

Mrs. Capricious

Reindorf’s recent appointment to the board of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, by a demonstrably trans-hostile government, is significant and cannot be coincidental.

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Are We Russian Gay People Foreign Agents?

Jacob Green

It is disquieting to read that last November and December, two more LGBTQ organizations in Russia were added to the list of unregistered public associations functioning as foreign agents.

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LGBTQ Pandemic Survey Data Highlights Disparities

Meagon Nolasco

It is no secret that the LGBTQ community falls within underrepresented minorities. The pandemic helped bring many of the disparities our community faces to the mainstream spotlight

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Joe Biden: Empty Political Theater on LGBTQ Equality and Black Voter Protection

James Finn

You need to get serious, Mr. President. There’s a REASON you’re dropping precipitously in the polls. It’s Democratic members of minorities fed up with your milquetoast, do-nothing, business-as-usual approach to crises we see as EXISTENTIAL.

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Transgender Siblings: You Won’t Always be on the Outside

Logan Silkwood

Looking through an old journal, what I found was heartbreaking, not just on a personal level, but on a collective level. What really hurts reading this journal is the number of times I’ve watched my transgender siblings reflect these emotions back to me.

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Where is My White Knight?

Emma Holiday

All my life I have been waiting for someone to save me. I know that sounds odd. It feels odd to write it here. It is something that I finally shared in therapy a year ago.

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Gender Dysphoria In High School During the 90's


I would look at Tracy and admire her long wavy dark brown hair, perfect eyebrows, small frame, fashionably dressed in the latest clothes. I would think “I wish I could be that.” I also thought “I wish I could hold that.”

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Catholic Diocese Suggests Raped Altar Boy Enjoyed Sex With Priest

James Finn

His rapist got a slap on the wrist. Children may continue to be at risk when [the priest’s] suspension ends in coming months. The bishop has demonstrated little to no concern about any of that, apparently owing to Church culture and teachings.

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Writing: My Transgender Relief Valve

Emma Holiday

I truly try to spare you jumbled emotional thoughts spewed randomly across the page like a written Rorschach blot. But I accept the sharing and limited emotional exposure of my thoughts because I need to vent.

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The Change Over Ceremony

Fiona Evangeline Leigh

The paper is signed and stamped by a public notary and lies in the drawer beneath the rent in Time where the Tree used to stand. The application form for my Gender Recognition Certificate.

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Are Old Queer Books and Movies at Greater Risk of Disappearing?

Victoria Stagg Elliott

There are several companies working to keep our books and movies available, but [we creatives] need to be in control of our work while we are alive and designate someone after we are dead.

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Fiction Finds —

An Sexual Traitor to Her Country (12)

Valentine Wiggin

“I’m here to inspect your apartment,” he announced, shoving me out of the way.

Wasn’t he supposed to give at least 24-hour notice? Then again, the ruling class is technically above the law in the Empire.

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Poetry Picks —

In the 24 Karat Cage

Logan Silkwood

knowing they have the power to break free,
watching them laugh and throw
blood-painted broken glass

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A Baby Story

Rebecca Herz

I don’t need to make a fuss
of pregnancy to get on board
the perfect mother bus

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That’s it for this week! Readers? If you enjoy a story, can you tell the writer so in a comment? You’d make their day. Writers, prompt ideas? Hit me up!


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James Finn

James Finn is a columnist for the LA Blade, a former Air Force intelligence analyst, an alumnus of Act Up NY, and an agented but unpublished novelist.

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