A Very Gay Bible Poem

Mel LK
Prism & Pen
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2 min readSep 16, 2021


Taken at our wedding on May 8th, 2021. Photo credit: Rachel Rush

A gay love poem where all 52 lines reference — and link to — Bible verse(s).

They say we’re wicked, but we’re divine
I’m the branches, but she’s my vine
Some holy jezebel felines
Seeing stones and sand-drawn lines

Calling our crowns of beauty thorns
But I’ve risen from ashes of mourn
The old has gone, I’m newly born
And I won’t stop ’til their veils are torn

They said love covers a multitude of sins
But this is not, it’s new wineskins
A new thing Spirit’s wind will begin
Have ears to hear all love’s a win

Since all good comes from God
That includes what they call flaws
My yes is yes unlike their fraud
Judge the tree’s fruit façade

Because Spirit guides into all truth
And She groans and gnashes her tooth
At those despised in their youth
The crucified Naomi’s and Ruth’s

She says for such a time as this
There’s freedom in rainbow bliss
The law brings death that we can miss
If the Church repents of it’s shit

Stop tying millstones on necks galore
Smacking faces with Kingdom doors
Big yokes on backs they pour
Making heavy burdens all the more

’Cause the last will be first
The weak and strong will be reversed
The foolish reveal the wise’s curse
Of calling good evil and love perverse

But love is patient and love is kind
She’s my promised land of pride
Milk and honey kisses on my mind

Temples of living water intertwined

Lakes that deer's long and pant for
Her still waters my soul is led toward
Oil of gladness of my head poured
My clay her soft potter hands explore

She’s my gift of incense and myrrh
Manna from the sky to my floor
Ask, seek, knock on Heaven’s door
We can sing a joyful song and more

That’s why neither depth nor even height
Can separate me from her light
A lamp no basket can ever fight

Salt no roaring lion can ever bite

’Cause I’m a freed captive without chains
I laugh without fear of their future pain
We’re scattering seeds like the rain
Rolling rivers of liberation the only aim



Mel LK
Prism & Pen

Married lesbian leftist foster mom who loves Jesus. Incoming doctorate student with an LMSW. Book lover.