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I Was Brainwashed Into Being Straight for 30 Years

And you may have been too…

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Early Awakening

Early Suppression


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Yep. Definitely Re-Awakened.

  • It’s not uncommon for lesbians to have crushes on male celebrities/fictional characters/otherwise unattainable men.
  • Using sex with men as a form of self-harm.
  • Not having an emotional reaction to being physical with men.
  • Being bored with heterosexual sex.
  • Recognizing past/current crushes on women after coming to grips with your sexuality.
  • Picking a guy at random to be attracted to.
  • Feeling guilty/uncomfortable in locker rooms.
  • Feeling like you are attention seeking/trying to be trendy by claiming lesbianism.
  • Many more things.

Now What?

  • All of my romantic/sexual dreams are sapphic now. Every single one.
  • I prefer anything romantic that I read/watch to be queer in some shape or form.
  • I keep having suppressed memories about being queer pop up. Like how I used to have a thing for Princess Jasmine (amongst others) or how I use to love flipping through Victoria’s Secret catalogs in secret.
  • I’m not certain that I’m attracted to men at all. I am only certain that I am attracted to women.
  • I joined some lesbian/late-blooming lesbian groups on Reddit and they have been very eye-opening.
  • I’m enjoying being queer!



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