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Living my Dream

A Prose Poem

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

I am living my dream.
I just now realized it,
looking down at my legs,
that emerge, naked, below
the hem of my thigh-length dress.
It is very comfortable,
this dress,
and becoming, too, whether
I sit or stand.

Once I dreamed of sitting thus,
in a dress. But in my dream
was never contentment,
never the good ease that comes
with knowledge of the rightness
of one's place.
— It comes now. —
It is not the dress,
nor my seat, nor naked legs.
It is belonging, and consistency
with nature, that give me ease.
What miracle, that I should find,
so late in life,
the meaning and solution of my pain.



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Alyssa Ferguson

Alyssa Ferguson

Born and raised in a literary household, I write to clarify my own questions.