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Pissed Off Trans Reality, Lesbian Suicide, Killer Urban Fiction

A week of Prism & Pen — January 23, 2022

by James Finn

Hard trans truths to piss you off, meth-fueled gay sex, transcendent urban fiction, gorgeous poetry, a grieving mother whose daughter is dead because of conversion therapy, and fierce queer stereotype smashers. This week’s Prism & Pen!

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Editor’s Picks —

Running in High Heels and Other Skills of Trans Manhood

Logan Silkwood

Logan is a trans man who can run in high heels, just one of his stereotype-busting queer skills.

Perhaps my gender is best described as layer after layer of tracing paper redrawing the boundaries of my existence until …

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Trans Reality. This Will Piss You Off.

Stephanie Moga

This story went a bit viral on Medium. Find out why!

“If you meet the buddha on the road, kill him.” Hopefully, I am not asking for death threats, just a cold hard look at the reality.

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Alana Chen’s Suicide Shows Canada Did Not Outlaw Christianity

James Finn

Last Sunday, thousands of pastors across North America condemned Canada’s conversion therapy ban — while Alana’s mother went to the National Catholic Reporter with a wrenching tale.

Nuns and priests continued to urge Alana to suppress or eliminate her attraction to women after she was hospitalized over plans to kill herself in church. Alana told her sister she felt “defiled” and “impure.”

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Memoir —

Slammed: a Memoir

John Cormier

The romance and and sweet backstory of John’s meth-addiction memoir are done. Let the nightmare begin.

Overwhelmed with pleasure, heat, flesh, I threw my face down and moaned into his mattress, feeling him inside …

A floorboard creaked … I screamed.

Read chapter 3 part 3A Meth Induced Psychotic Break is Such a Buzzkill
Read chapter 3 part 4 Meth, Porn, and Another Elusive F*ck

Fiction Series —

The Life of Alma: Urban Transgender Literary Fiction

A. T. Steel

Read this! It’s crazy good. Three more chapters to go. Remember! You first saw the name A.T. Steel on P&P.

“Girl, please.” He moaned, rising from the couch to sit across from her, dragging the fan behind him. “If they’re interested in you, then I am not interested in them. I do not have time for those down-low boys.”

Read chapter 1 Trans In Sugar Hill
Read chapter 2Trans Sibling Reunion Goes Awry

Essays and Creative Nonfiction —

Observations on Queer Writing Style

Logan Silkwood

I prefer this more queer way of sharing. It is a medley of layered stories piled together in a stream of powerful thoughts that will make you laugh and cry …

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Where Does My Transgender Image Fit? What Can I Live With?

Emma Holiday

My female gender and my male sex won’t leave me alone. My gender and sex still won’t line up. So much for wishes and prayers.

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Finally Free to Decide on My Journey as a Trans Woman?

I am starting my journey into another world right now, supported by a person who really wants to help me. She will explore with me where exactly to go and how we — or I — can do it.

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Curious Treasures in a Kinky Closet

Coby Bronze

Some of the secrets below are disturbing. They are confessional, funny, innocent, and dark. Things I’ve done, things I wish I didn’t do, things that have happened to me.

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Having Trans Rights Greatly Depends on Where You Live

G. L. Balend

Transgender people’s rights are under attack. Legislation in dozens of states is being aimed at limiting and removing many of the hard-won rights transgender people...

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Breasts: A Successful “Grow Your Own” Trans Story

Emma Holiday

Stealthily male for professional reasons, and having grown breasts while on female hormones, I find myself in an extraordinarily unique …

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I’m Queer, but I Don’t Fit the Stereotypes

Esther Spurrill-Jones

I’m a queer woman who loves country music, grew up riding horses, definitely wears the pants in my relationships, hates wearing makeup, and keeps my hair …

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I’m a Neurodivergent Queer Writer But I Missed the Memo


I was writing for the cishet normative neurotypical reader because *forehead slap*

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Gendering a Life Skill

Nick Bundarin

Who knew that kitchens made little boys gay? I guess I’m the last to know.

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Binding Your Sexual Appendage: A Transgender Lament

Emma Holiday

Many transwomen are completely happy and comfortable with their sex organs, as are many transmen but there are some who are transgender who feel they have a sexual appendage that …

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Rejected: Queer daddy Issues

Stephanie Moga

A short film where a father embraces his transgender daughter does not resonate with me. It pours salt on my wounds and it lives in some fantasy universe.

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Detransition in the Trans Community Fueled by Societal Factors

Meagon Nolasco

I stumbled on the falsified rhetoric that is Irreversible Damage by Abigail Shrier. This book states it is based upon interviews and research Shrier has done into what she calls the transgender craze ...

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United Methodists Use Anti-LGBTQ Law to Stop Jewish Couple Adopting

James Finn

I don’t know makes me more angry, that Tennessee passed a law to make it hard for LGBTQ people to adopt, or that an agency with the progressive] United Methodist Church stirred in anti-semitism to hurt a child.

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Thank You for Being a Friend to LGBTQ People, Betty White!

Nick Bundarin

Betty White was a good person. She cared about people and animals … I think she cared about animals more, but who can blame her? They shoot straight and don’t tolerate bullshit, much like ….

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Life is like a Cappuccino.

Fiona Evangeline Leigh

It nibbled at my equanimity like a protozoan parasite.

I felt it in that special place, between my xiphoids, where I keep my instinct.

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Fiction Finds —

What About Love? Is There Anymore Left in the World?

Tre L. Loadholt

Three flash-fiction shorts about queer kids, love, and rejection.

I am “It” to people. “Is it a boy?” or “Is it a girl?” No one thinks about me as a person. My family is ashamed of me.

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Poetry Picks —

Rainbow Spectrum: How We’ve Overcome

Eugene Pierson

What’s it like for me to be LGBTQ+?
What? You don’t have a clue?

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Her: I read your poem online. What’re you gay now?

E. Katherine Kottaras

but then she also sent me a ::hug:: which I understood and accepted as a ::hug:: of sorrow for the discomfort of the moment

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Editor’s Tips —

Want Your Stories Read? Do This!

James Finn

Stories not getting read? Do these thing with titles and photos and I guarantee more people will click. Then your writing can speak for itself.

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That’s it for this week! Readers? If you enjoy a story, can you tell the writer so in a comment? You’d make their day.


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James Finn

James Finn

James Finn is a columnist for the LA Blade, a former Air Force intelligence analyst, an alumnus of Act Up NY, and an agented but unpublished novelist.

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