Thanksgiving 2022 from a Trans Woman’s Perspective

A poem of listening

Alyssa Ferguson
Prism & Pen
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Nov 25, 2022
Photo by Max Kleinen on Unsplash

I get so tired,
listening to the voices, the words, so many times —
Maybe if you were not quite
so weird,
quite so queer —
and so many times we explain,
and so many times are unheard.

But I hear

I am exhausted,
and my sisters and brothers are so very tired.
Maybe if we went into
like we did
when the world was more sensible,
when girls were girls and men were men. . .

gunshots in the dark

But there are concerns,
and good faith questions to be answered in good faith;
and answers that go unheard.
Bad faith;
but I hear
gunshots in the cold night outside:
good faith deeds: killing is honest.

coming closer, closer.



Alyssa Ferguson
Prism & Pen

Born and raised in a literary household, I write to clarify my own questions.