A Story About Carrie Evans

The Origins of a Modern American Pride Flag Speech

Kyle Palmer
Prism & Pen


All photos used with permission

On September 8th, 2020, the Minot, North Dakota City Council would hear a speech delivered by the newly elected Carrie Evans. The topic was the Pride Flag designed by the late Gilbert Baker. What residents, other elected officials, and national news would not have predicted is how immediately the impromptu speech went and still goes viral.

A few months removed from that virality, I emailed Alderwoman Evans to ask for an interview. Over the next year, I completed fifteen interviews with her, family, and others from Minot. What follows is a three-part chronicle of the events before, after, and long after the alderwoman’s speech, delivered in a city that will no longer fly the Pride Flag.

A Magic City Boomerang Service

Established in 1887, Minot, otherwise known as the Magic City, was born of temporary necessity as complications arose during the construction of a lumber trestle bridge that was situated along the Great Northern Railway. The city is named after…