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Riot in Tabriz Prison

Tabriz Prison during Thursday’s riot.

Last Thursday, a riot took place in Tabriz prison, one of the largest prisons in the northwest of Iran. According to reports, on Thursday evening a group of prisoners in Ward 9 of the prison managed to disarm prison guards and began firing shots within the ward. The rioters then held the other prisoners in the ward hostage, and prevented anyone from entering or leaving the area.

Around the same time, prisoners in Ward 3 gathered their mattresses and blankets and set fire to them in an attempt to take control of the ward.

According to unofficial reports which our team was unable to verify, 1 person was reportedly killed during the riot. However, the Governor of Tabriz denied that anyone was killed during the uprising, but did confirm that it occurred.

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One of the primary concerns raised by inmates has to do with the country’s ongoing struggle with the Coronavirus. While the Iranian judiciary has released several prisoners on bail, many individuals still remain in prison, and are terrified that they will get the virus and die. This has led to considerable unrest among the prisoner population in many parts of the country.

A video which emerged following the riot in Tabriz prison can be viewed on our Prison Atlas website.



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