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March: Delegator Rewards Distribution to PrithviDevs Delegators

Hello Akashians,

If you’re reading this for the first time, please go through our previous post about Delegator Reward Programme.

This post regarding distribution of March month rewards to delegators.

Distribution & Statistics

For the March month, we are distributed 638.3982 AKT nearly $3281.36 worth rewards to delegators. You can check your rewards through,

in the sheet of March.

You can verify using ankea,


we have no words to express our gratitude, we are very thankful to Akash community for their support. And especially delegators, who delegated to PrithviDevs, and believe in us. And we hope it continues…

In future we come with more innovative programs that will help both delegators and validators along with the community.

if you have queries please reach us,


Twitter: PrithviDevs

Telegram: @saisunkari19




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