Pritunl Tutorial

Connecting to Pritunl on a Chromebook

Chromebook support requires a Premium or Enterprise license.

When downloading your key select the Chromebook option.

After downloading the Chomebook zip archive from your Pritunl server open it and drag the files to the “Downloads” folder.

Enter chrome://settings/certificates into the url bar, press enter and then click Import and Bind to Device…

Navigate to the file that was copied to Downloads earlier and click Open. If prompted for a password leave the input blank and click Ok

After the file has been imported close the Certificate Manager and enter chrome://net-internals/#chromeos into the url bar, press enter and then click Choose File

Navigate to the file ending with .onc in the Downloads folder and click Open. If there are multiple files repeat this step for each of the files. After all profiles have been imported delete the zip archive, p12 file and onc files which are no longer needed.

After the files have been imported click on the notification area in the bottom right and click VPN disconnected then click on the vpn profile. If you have a two-step authenticator enter the pin into the Password field and click Connect. If you do not have a two-step authenticator the Password field should be filled. If not enter chrome into the Password field and click Connect. If a two-step authentication pin is entered incorrectly the Chromebook will need to be restarted before attempting to connect with a different pin.


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