Privacy International asks IAC, owner of 45 dating websites, to improve transparency about sharing of users’ data

PI’s letter is here.

14th February 2017

Dear Mr Levin,

You may be aware that today we have launched a public campaign about Match Group websites called ‘Way too Mutch’ (

The campaign highlights to users of Tinder, Match and OKCupid that these and dozens of other dating websites and apps are all part of a much bigger suite of websites owned by IAC.

We appreciate that the Privacy Policy of each of your dating websites may well indicate how sensitive personal data from users’ dating profiles might be shared with other brands and companies.

But we seriously doubt that most people who sign up to one of your dating websites are aware that they are potentially giving their sensitive personal data to literally dozens of other brands and companies owned by IAC.

We think you should make this much clearer to everyone who signs up. On our campaign website you will see that we suggest you do this by putting the IAC logo on all of your dating websites. You can probably go much further, but we see this as a good first step in explaining to your millions of users how you might be exploiting their personal data.

Privacy International is the leading global NGO campaigning on issues ranging from state-based surveillance to how companies exploit our personal data for commercial reasons. You can visit our website at

It’s Valentine’s Day. We think it would be a loving gesture by IAC to place your brand on all of your dating websites.

We wish you well in continuing to bring people together.

With love,

Dr Gus Hosein

Executive Director, Privacy International