2018 Recap and future plans

Dima Rusakow
Jan 15, 2019 · 5 min read

It’s been a challenging road since we started our journey more than a year ago. We want to thank our early supporters for sticking with us for more than a year. Thanks for your continuous support, and we hope it was worth the wait.

Our team is very proud to finish 2018 with two major releases of Privatix Network CORE (Agent and Client) on Windows, MacOS, and Ubuntu. This fully decentralized versions release is our biggest accomplishment to date.

We intend to come out of stealth mode and thus provide some insights into our company, our past performance and the outlook for the future.

Privatix Network aims to be the first 100% autonomous and fully decentralized Internet bandwidth marketplace on the Ethereum Blockchain. An ecosystem designed to be monetized by multiple traffic-related applications where users within the network can sell bandwidth and clients can buy it.

Our Github is fully open sourced and accessible. At this point in time, we hope that we are not far away from a real utilization of the Privatix Network after the transition of our existing users from the centralized VPN.

If you don’t completely understand our project, we recommend that you begin by checking out the article which explains our vision for non-tech-savvy readers.

What were our priorities over the past year?

We knew, therefore, that we needed to be very efficient and cost-effective, and we accomplished this by focusing on developing the end-product rather than spending millions on marketing.

At the same time, we didn’t want to compromise the quality of our technical design. We designed our network to be fully decentralized and this is the biggest difference between us and ‘our competitors’, who use a lot of centralized parts in their products and ‘plan’ to remove them later.

We consider this approach as wrong and misleading. Creating again another centralized or “semi-centralized” VPN is not our way of working. We already have one, with more than 1.5M users, and don’t want to build the same.

What have we achieved?

In the first quarter of 2018, the team was totally devoted to developing the foundation of the Privatix Network, and we were very proud to present our first Alpha release v.0.7.0 «Prometheus». The code was written entirely in Golang. During the months that followed, we repeatedly tested and improved our Alpha into a more stable version.

After the successful release of this important milestone, we didn’t sit back and took some rest. We immediately started to work on the Beta version, both on Windows and on MacOS.

All this was accomplished with minimal resources by an efficient, effective team passionate about a decentralized bandwidth solution. One that is autonomous, unblockable, totally open-sourced and without any sort of centralization from our side.

Yes, our software can be used and will be around forever, even if our development team disappears tomorrow. We are not using any of our servers for anything. Can any other “Decentralized VPN” project say the same right now?

So, what next?

Thanks to the users who are currently running the node (Agent) or using a VPN (Client), we are gathering a lot of information that is crucial to future improvements. So, please try to help us and try to use our Beta even though you won’t yet be rewarded with a real payment.


The architecture was changed, and we needed to make adjustments due to many technical challenges we hadn’t anticipated.

For Q1-Q2 2019 our plan is to release the Core software on Ethereum Mainnet, release dVPN as a service and develop additional services.

We plan to invest more in marketing activities and to migrate users from our centralized VPN service. We also intend to engage more developers and additional resources in executing our plans.


Along with updates, we have also released quality technical documentation and many articles explaining our vision and other aspects. This represents a huge amount of work, and this knowledge and code can be used by many developers from outside our company.

We decided to release bi-weekly updates because we believe the community should be kept up to dated and engaged. Moreover, all our code is always published to GitHub and is freely available to everyone.

As of this publication, we’ve decided to step back from bi-weekly updates; from now on, we’ll be releasing them on a monthly basis.

We’ll be publishing updates up until the 10th of next month. Major releases and other news will be published as soon as possible.


Need your help!

We’re aiming for a big worldwide issue, trying to be one of the bricks in the next generation of the Internet — Decentralized Web 3.0

Despite our personal dedication and passion, we’re still short of resources and are asking for your help in spreading the word about our project.

Help us, test the software, spread the word and don’t hesitate to send us any of your ideas or partnership proposals.

Join our Telegram community or Telegram announcement channel to stay up-to-date and never miss an update or article again.

Useful links :

Documentation and recommended articles :

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➡️Telegram official news : https://t.me/privatix_official

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➡️Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/privatix

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Official Blog :: Privatix Network

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