Bug Bounty Instructions

Privatix smart-contract was audited by a well-know expert who also provides auditing services to Cindicator, Stox, ChronoBank, Dao.Casino and many others.

Despite this fact, we are offering a reward to any security specialists who are able to find any major bugs in our smart-contract.

Key Points


  • Email your submission to: dima@privatix.io
  • Please include “BUG BOUNTY” in the subject.

Valid major bugs will be rewarded 10–100 ETH in PRIX equivalent from our bounty tokens calculated in Token Sale rate 1 ETH = 100 PRIX .

Submissions will judged by our CTO with the help of trusted community members.

I want to remind, that we are in the middle of whitelist registration.
You can reserve 40% bonus and individual cap 24h prior the Token Sale.
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